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Getting Started with TransPoser

Author: dtacy1

Tools Needed

  • Poser
  • Carrara Studio 3 or Carrara 4 or Carrara 4 Pro
  • TransPoser (Included in Carrara 4 Pro)


Today I'd like to show you the basic steps for importing your Poser file into Carrara, using TransPoser. TransPoser is available for Carrara Studio 3 and Carrara 4 Standard, and is included in Carrara 4 Pro. You can use TransPoser to import complete multi-object scenes, or use it to import multiple characters from multiple Poser files into one Carrara scene.


Step 1 - Create Poser Scene


Create the Poser scene you would like to import into Carrara. I'm going to create a simple Poser scene using Victoria and the new 3D Celebrity Mandy Character. I only want to create the figure with hair and clothing, using Carrara for the rest of the final scene elements. I'll go ahead and use the Maria Hair, with Tex04 and Style 02 applied. I'll also use the Skirt and T-Shirt from the V3 and SP Clothing Pack, along with the V3 Anniversary Boots. Let's apply the Leather Texture to the Skirt, a Floral Denim texture to the T-Shirt along with the Tube transparency, and finally a Jeans texture to the boots, with blue suede tips, and the Knee length transparency. Apply your desired pose and adjust any clothing.


Now save this scene as a .PZ3. (Don't use the compressed .PZZ format - TransPoser can't read these compressed files!)

Step 2 - Create Carrara Scene


Now Open Carrara, and get your scene setup. If you have a complete scene in Poser, you can skip this step and just open the .PZ3 file. I'm going to use Carrara's Scene Wizard and select the Indoor scene, Afternoon. This will setup lighting and scene elements.


Now all we need is someone in the scene!

Step 3 - Import Poser Scene


Now import your saved Poser scene. Go to File- > Import. The Import Options will pop up. I've set One Poser unit equals 10.00 Carrara unit. I've unchecked the Import Animation, but left the Keep link to Poser file checked. If your Poser Scene had animation, you could import that into Carrara.


It may take some time to import the Poser file, so be patient.

Step 4 - Delete Extra Objects


It's time to get rid of the extra stuff. I'm going to delete the GROUND and Light 1 objects that were imported using the Instances tab in the Properties panel. If this was a complete Poser scene with lighting, I would leave the imported lights alone. In this scene, I will use the lights Carrara setup in the Scene Wizard.

Step 5 - Group Poser Objects


When I move my imported Figure, I'd like all of the hair and clothing to move with it. I've selected all the imported elements, and will now group them using Ctrl-G, or use Edit- > Group from the Carrara Menu.

Step 6 - Scale and Arrange Poser Objects


Select the grouped Poser Figure and move, scale, and rotate to fit into the scene. My initial guess of 10 for import left my Poser figure a little large for this scene. I'm going to scale her down to 85% using Carrara's Overall Scaling transform.


Then I will position and rotate the Figure into the scene.

Step 7 - Important Render Settings


Now go into the Render Room. Make sure you select “Light through Trans.”. This option will enable Carrara to properly render your textures that have transparencies, including the standard Poser Eye textures. Some of your imported Poser materials will look strange without this selected. You can also tweak any other Rendering settings to fit your rendering needs.

Step 8 - Render Scene


Now select your output image size, Camera, and File Format. Press Render and away you go!