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Victor for V4.1

Author: Kemp Sparky

Tools Needed

* V4.1

* Paint Program

* V4.1 Morphs++


I originally began to wish V4, like V3, had come with male morphs when I started playing with her creature creator morphs and add-on pack. I fell in love with her claws, horns, and conforming legs. Only problem was, I wanted male satyrs and demons. What to do? Well, it did take awhile, but I finally achieved it: masculinity for V4.


Step 1 - The Body

I started with body builder. Best way to start making her look masculine to give her muscles. I dialed it almost all the way to 1.0. Well, what about this makes her the least manly… could it be the breasts? Or is it the hourglass figure? I chose to tackle the figure first, and save the most problematic bit for last. Increase “waist width” and decrease “hip size” to taste, also, in Arm-Hand, Dial “ShouldersThickness” to -1.0 and add a bit of “Lats.” Now… the chest. I tried all manner of “Breasts Flatten, ” “Breasts Small, ” before I got pecs I liked. Back in full body morphs, I started on the problem by dialing “Voluptuous” into negative integers to help with both the breasts and womanly behind. I used quite a few of the breast options, but the most important, I shall list here: BreastSize: -0.5, BreastsDroop: -0.5, BreastsDiameter: 0.5, BreastsCleavage: 0.5, BreastsPerk: -0.5, Nipples: 1.0, NipplesHeight: -1.0, BreastsDownL/R: 0.62, BreastInL/R: 0.5. Now look at her, she's starting to look pretty manly! But the proportions are a little off. To fix this, Increase “HeadSize” to about 0.05, “HandsSize” to about 0.3, “LegsLength” to 0.3, “FeetSize” to 0.2, and you may want to scale the chest up a little too. That should take care of the body, at least for a basic canvas for your own creations.


Step 2 - The Face

A good place to start is “FaceSquare” it gives her a more defined jawline, and a comic-book hero-like start. Give her a more severe browline, by increasing “BrowDefine.” Now, up next, one of the most feminine features of a woman's face are usually her eyes, it is no different with V4. I used a number of dials to achieve the almond eyes my final character has, I shall list the most important here: “EyeSize”: -0.3, “EyesSlant”: -0.6, “EyesFoldSmooth”: -0.5, “EyeFoldsHeight”: -0.05, “EyesAlmondInner”: 1.0, “EyeLidsHeavyTop”: 1.0, “LashesLength”: -0.1. On to the nose. I may have exaggerated the nose a little to compensate for the figure beginning as a female, but I think the overall effect was quite effective. I widened her nose to 1.3, and upped the “size” by 0.2, I increased “Slope” to its max of 2.0, and added 0.6 “Bump” and a bit of roundness to it. Lastly, just play with the settings for the nostrils and bridge. My final character used almost all the lip morphs, so I'll just summarize. Make the mouth narrower, by dialing “MouthScale” and “MouthWidth” slightly into the negative, and try to thin and shape the lips to taste. The Jaw is the most important part of the face for our purposes. “Jaw Define”: 0.5, “Jaw Height”: 1.0, “ChinSize”: 0.4, and to top it off, I put a “swell cleft in his chin.” That should do it for the morphs.


Step 3 - The Head Texture

Well, he looks great, except.. That purple bikini has to be a drag… Just change the texture, right? Well what about the blush? It's on ALL my V4 textures! Now Victor's screwed. He has to wear girly makeup. Well, it's not that hard to convert M3 Textures to V4, and you don't have to have any fancy texture converting programs. Just a paint program. You have to have an M3 texture and a similarly colored V4 texture for this. The old unimesh textures follow the same basic shapes as the new Mil4 textures, so you just have to copy and paste them. For this example, I'm using the Default V4 Hires textures and the Default M3 Hires textures. Now open all these textures in your paint program of choice. We'll do the head first. Grab a nice chunk of M3's face, make sure you get all the beard stubble and his forehead texture (Fig. 3). Paste it into the V4 head texture. First thing you'll probably notice is that it doesn't exactly match very well (Fig. 4). You'll want to stretch it to match the eyes, mouth, and nostrils as best you can, I recommend pasting the V4 eyes, nostrils, and mouth into a layer over the M3 texture to guide you. (Fig. 5) Once you've got M3 in place, you'll notice that A). The M3 eyes and nose definitely will not work, and B). the color's off. First, we'll fix the color, add a little bit of red and a bit of yellow to the color until it matches close enough, it doesn't have to be perfect. You may also want to lighten it up. Now, to fix the eyes and nose, you will need to copy and paste V4's eyes, nose, and lips (yes, you will want the lips, trust me) on top (after getting rid of your original “guide layer”) and blend them into the M3 texture, and while you're at it, blend M3 into the surrounding V4 tex. Your texture should now look something like Figure 6. If you applied your texture now, you would soon figure out that the eyebrows just don't look right. So, take each of the eyebrows and paste them into separate layers. You'll want to raise them a little and rotate them inward, so that the outer ends are angled upward, try to match the V4 eyebrows as closely as possible (Fig. 7). That should do it for the head texture.






Step 4 - The Body Texture

This is the shortest step in the whole tutorial. Simply copy the trunk of M3's torso from his texture, paste it into the V4 texture, and scale it until it fits properly, adjust the color and brightness of the V4 texture to match, and blend the M3 torso into the V4 torso. You may want to copy V4's nipples and fade them into the M3 texture to be sure that they match the geometry when applied to the figure. Finito!


Step 5 - The Limb Textures

The limbs are a bit harder to do than the face or torso, at least they were in my experience. You could even skip this if you weren't bothered about hairy legs and arms. First, whether you intend to add hair or not, adjust this document to the same specifications as you adjusted the torso texture so that they will match. Now on to the “fun” part. Copy one of M3's leg areas, and paste it into the V4 limb texture. Match it up with one of the V4 legs, pay close attention to the knee area. Once you've gotten it lined up, blend it into the V4 texture, copy it, paste it, flip it around and stick it on the other leg. Do the same with the arms, just the forearms, mind you, pay close attention to the wrists and elbows (Fig. 9). To avoid seam problems, you'll have to copy the underlying V4 legs around the upper thighs, and paste it on top, blending the edges until it looks good, be sure to retain the V4 upper thighs, or the leg texture won't match the torso texture. (Fig. 10) Now, you should be done. Test your textures and make any final adjustments you might want.



Step 6 - Last Words


Now you can tweak this character here and there to make unlimited variations of Victors for Male Satyrs, Demons, Aliens, Cat-Men, and all the other options V4 has to offer. For those of you who are wondering, I used the brown eyes from the Niko V4 character and Flexy Hair by Bice and Outoftouch (newsletter freebie) from Renderosity for the final render.