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Using Partial Dynamics for Clothing

Author: ChipChop

Tools Needed

* Poser 5

* Poser6

* Or Poser 7

* Poser Figures

* Poser Clothing


Have you ever tried to pose a conforming dress, and just about gave up? The included skirt morphs just didn't quite work for the pose you wanted? Well, here is a method to turn that misbehaving skirt into dynamic clothing, and fit the pose you are looking for.


Step 1 - Load your character and clothing


Load your character and clothing into Poser. I've loaded Victoria 4, injected DAZ's Saylor character, and loaded the Saylor dress. This dress works very well with partial dynamics.

Step 2 - Zero the Figure


Make sure your character is selected. In this example, Victoria 4 is selected. Go to Window- > Joint Editor and bring up Poser's Joint Editor. Click on Zero Figure.


Now Victoria 4 fits inside the Saylor dress.

Step 3 - Create the final pose


Move to Frame 15.


Pose your character in the final desired pose at Frame 15.


Click on the “+” to create a key frame at frame 15.

Step 4 - Setup the Cloth Room


Select the clothing item, and then select the piece to make dynamic. In this case, I'll select the “Hip” of the Saylor dress.


Select “New Simulation” and enter the simulation settings you would like to run. I'll simulate through frame 30, even though the final pose is on frame 15. This gives the cloth time to settle, and I can pick any frame to render after the cloth is simulated.


Select “Clothify”. “Hip” appears, since that is what I already have selected. Just select “Clothify”, and the “Hip” part of the dress is made dynamic.



Select “Collide Against”, and select the parts of your character that would interact with the dynamic clothing piece. In this case, I've selected Victoria 4's Hip, Abdomen, and Thighs.

Step 5 - Calculate Simulation


Select Calculate Simulation, sit back, and wait. Since you're only using a part of the clothing, and have selected the smallest number of parts to collide against, the simulation will calculate faster than a Dynamics only piece of clothing.

Step 6 - Render!


Select the frame that looks best, and render your image! You can still move any parts of your figure that are not involved with the cloth calculations, and the conformed clothing will follow. In this case, Victoria's upper body can be re-posed without having to re-enter the cloth room!