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Thinner brow - Morph targets with grouping

Author: dorkati

Tools Needed

  • Poser 4 or higher


I'm using Poser 5, but I think in Poser 4 you can do the same.

Here I used the new EmotiGuy, because I want to make thinner eyebrows and girl lips until I have EmotiGirl :)


Step 1 - Create magnets

First, load your character. I used the new EmotiGuy, because I want to make thinner eyebrows.

Select head, create magnets.

We need 2 magnets. First, Set the right magnet, then create another magnet for the opposite brow-part. Select mag base 1, use Ctrl+C to copy Mag Base's properties, than select Mag Base 2, and use Ctrl+V to paste properties. Don't forget to change positive xTran (if you move Mag sidelong) to negative (or yRotate and zRotate if you used them)


Check that the brows are good, but now some head parts are morphed. We only want to morph eyebrows. So we need some changes.


Turn visibility off on Mag Zones ( it would be an annoyance to us). Select head, and set Mag 1 and Mag dials to Zero.

Step 2 - Grouping


Now click on group tools. Make a new Head group named brow.


Select brow in Group Editor. Usually you need to use '+' button to select needed parts, but in this case your work is easier, because the brow has its own material.

So…Click on 'Add material' button, select Eyebrows from drop-down menu.


And see…all brow parts are selected. Now close Group Editor and go back to figure.

Step 3 - Parenting Mag Zone

Turn Mag Bases' dials to 1, so you will to see the result.

Ooops, it is still wrong. Sure, you need one more change.

Select Mag Zone 1, than go to Properties on Parameter Dial Tab. Check on the Group box. Select brow group from drop-down menu.

Make this with another Mag Zone too.


Now you see the result.

Spawn the morph target and make another morph if you want.


Step 4 - Make another morph targets - lip

I made a Girl variation to EmotiGuy with this method.

1. Make a new 'lip' group.

2. There aren't any lip materials, so select all lip-parts with '+' button.

(Use 'Baring Teeth' dial to see all lip parts)

3. Make a new group and name it lip up.

4. Use 'Add group' button and add 'lip' group, then unselect lower lip parts with '-' button.

5. Make a new group and name it lip low

6. Use 'Add group' button and add 'lip' group, then remove lip up parts with 'Remove Group' button. (Select 'lip up' group from drop-down menu)


7. Close Group Editor and create the magnet. Select Mag Zone and check the Group box, then select lip up or lip low from drop-down menu. And now you can make lip morph targets.

Step 5 - See the result

Here is the result (until I'll buy EmotiGirl :) )


I hope it was useful.

If you have any question, feel free to contact me