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Mirroring a Model, Olympus Mons Example

Author: BluesDragon

Tools Needed

  • DAZ Studio
  • Olympus Mons from DAZ Studios


Thank you for taking the time to view this tutorial.

This tutorial will show you a quick and easy way to create a mirrored model without modifying the model or using a modeler.

This method does not modify the mesh of the model.

I'll use this method to close the back opening on Olympus Mons and expand the complex.

It should work with any other building that has a flat back, or any model you just want a mirror copy of.

This procedure works only with DAZ Studio.

Poser is not supported because you cannot assign a negative number to a model's scale dials.


Step 1 - Load the Model


Load the Olympus Mons !Preload Set from your Props library and zoom out so you can see the whole building complex.

1. Delete the environment prop so you can see the building better if necessary, (Optional)

2. Zoom out so you can see the entire building.

3. Make sure the base object of the set is selected on the scene tab - when you scale it DAZ Studio will scale the parts parented to it as well, maintaining their relative positions.


Step 2 - Flip the model


Above picture is with the environment, below picture is with the environment deleted. I find it easier to delete it in this step rather than later.

Set the Scale dial to -100% (Minus 100).

This simulates symmetry and “Flips” the entire model.


Step 3 - Rotate and put the model back on the "Ground"


With the entire model still selected:

1. Set zrot dial to 180 degrees.

2. Change ytran dial to put the model back on the ground if necessary.

It usually (but now always) puts the mirrored model below ground level, so you will probably have to zoom out and move it “UP” (positive ytran).

You now have a mirror image of the model.

Step 4 - Load the Second Model and position it


Load the Olympus Mons !Preload Prop Set again.

Turn off the display of the environment (orange sky) if you need to see the model better.

Move the two buildings together by using xtran and ztran dials.


You now have a “Double” building with no open back wall.


Step 5 - Repeat the Process (Optional)


Repeat the process, deleting the environment prop each time so you don't have multiple copies of the environment.

Change the xrot and zrot dials to position the “sections” you are creating and you have a “quad” Olympus Mons!

Be sure to turn the environment prop visibility back on if you want to use it.

If the building is too big to fit under the environment prop, simply increase the Scale dial of the environment prop until it is sized properly.

Step 6 - Texture Issues


The only issue is that the texture maps are reversed on the “Flipped” model.

In most cases this shouldn't be a problem but numbers and letters are backwards on the flipped model.

This can be taken care of easily enough in your favorite paint program by opening the texture file, cutting out the selection, pasting it back in and flipping the selection.

Save your new texture map and apply to your model.

Help in your paint program should be able to assist you if you don't know how to do this.

There are many good graphics tutorials here and on the Internet also.

Thank you.