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MFD Time Saver

Author: CandeeKis

Tools Needed

  • Poser 5 or Poser 4


These great morphing clothing with the expansion packs for Stephanie Petite and Vicky 3 are fantastic and beautiful. The one drawback is that there are many pieces to the outfit and it takes time to redo all the pieces each time you want to use the dress.

Here is a method that will save you a lot of time and you only need to do this once! This is written for Poser 5 but it would work exactly the same way in Poser 4.

Step 1 - Make Your Folder


Begin by going via Windows Explorer, to you Poser FIGURES folder and create yourself a brand new clean fresh folder to save your work in. Name it whatever you want to name it. Now when you open your Poser Figures library your folder should be there.

Step 2 - Dress Your Model

I have found that the best way to do this and it saves me the maximum amount of time and effort in the long run is to open my figure into Poser. For example in this tutorial I am using Stephanie Petite so I load her up and add any INJ to her that I want. (alternately you can INJ your figure and save it as well so you dont have to go thru the INJ process each time, but it will make it a larger file, and I find that I dont always need ALL of those INJ) I am also using the Stephanie Petite Morphing Fantasy Dress with the Expansion Pack, to apply the “Heaven Sent” dress to Steph Petite. Of course you can do this with your Vicky 3 character and MFD and expansion pack too.

Since each time I want to use this figure and dress I will want to use different skin, makeup, hair etc. I don't add that to the figure at this point.

Now go through the tedious process of adding each piece of the MFD and go ahead and CONFORM it to the Figure with it in the default position.

Open your FIGURES folder and navigate to the folder you made.

Step 3 - Set Your Document Style



Step 4 - Choose



Step 5 - Render Options


Go to RENDER / OPTIONS and make sure you have your settings like shown below. Of course in Poser 4 you wont have to be concerned with which render style you are going to use.

Step 6 - Render


RENDER your image ~ You will likely have areas of skin showing through but dont concern yourself with that. Those kinds of adjustments and hiding of body parts will apply when you are actually posing your model and is not important for this project.

Step 7 - Add To Library


Now go to your menu in Poser and click on ADD TO LIBRARY by clicking on the plus (+) sign.

Step 8 - Give It A Name


A little window will pop up asking you to give the Set a Name ~ Give it one. Be creative. You can call it whatever you want!

Step 9 - Save As A Group


You'll next be asked if you want to save this as a Group or Individual Figure. Since you have multiple parts to this figure and dress you naturally want to choose WHOLE GROUP

Step 10 - Voila!


Voila!! After Poser chokes and shudders a moment your thumbnail will show up in your library!

Step 11 - Using Your File


Next time you decide you want to make a model using Stephanie Petite (or whatever model you used - and whatever outfit you used) all you need to do is open your Folder…..apply your new figure and there it is!! Now you can apply your skin, makeup, hair etc. Since these files are pretty LARGE in size, and take up a lot of hard drive space, you may want to do a 'render' of your dressed figure, and save it as a pz3 file and re-use it that way - which is a much smaller file than your figure.

This will save you an unbelievable amount of time when you get ready to create. No more loading the figure, injecting it, and loading each clothing item first. You can achieve all of that in a single click!

Happy Rendering!