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Making Mihai hair work in Firefly

Author: TesseractSpace

Tools Needed

  • Mihai Hair


The Mihai hair by Neftis is a wonderful hair for M3, and a real bargain if you're in the Platinum Club. However trying to render it in Firefly causes a lock up. The reason I've heard for this issue is some kind of grouping problem that Firefly can't handle. With the steps in this tutorial we rework the OBJ file of the hair in a way that allows it to work in firefly.

I highly suggest backing up the original Nef_MihaiHair.OBJ before continuing.


Step 1 - Load the Hair


Start up Poser 5. If you're using Poser 4 or Pro-pack, you don't need this tutorial.

First go to the file menu and choose import - > wavefront OBJ from the menu.


Then navigate to the file we're looking for, which should be in your Poser 5/Runtime/Geometries/Neftis/Hair folder.


After choosing the file Uncheck all the boxes in the import dialog. The object will load in your poser scene. Do not move it! If moved it will save with different coordinates and no longer be set properly on m3's head.

Step 2 - Select object and open group editor


Select the object you loaded. Select the grouping tool.


Click on new group, give your group a name.


Click on the Add Material, choose one of the material groups.

Repeat this step making new groups for all 5 materials. Caphead, 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Step 3 - Spawn props


Once you've made your five groups and assigned a material section to each. (only one per group.) then click Spawn Props.


select the Nef_MihaiHair item from your props in the scene and delete it. You five props from the groups you made should be left behind.

Step 4 - Export the new object


Go to the File Menu and choose Export - > Wavefront OBJ

Make sure the created group items are all that is checked in the hierarchy.


Then save over the original Nef_MihaiHair.OBJ (you did back it up didn't you?)


Now open a new Poser scene and put the Mihai hair on a figure. Render in Firefly and enjoy! (yes the high poly nature of the hair means it'll take a while to render, but it doesn't lock up the render engine anymore.)

Step 5 - Final result


And here's the result, rendered in firefly.