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Making FBM in conforming clothes with ZBrush 3.1

Author: Kattey

Tools Needed

* ZBrush 3.1

* DAZ Studio

* Morph Loader

* Morph To CR2 script by DeltaX15


There are a programs which allow the transferring of morphs from the figure to the item but sometimes the results look not good enough and you want some other simple way to do such transferring. ZBrush 3.1 offers a very comfortable way to shape any mesh. The difficulty with conforming clothes lies in fact that the creator of FBM should have a dummy to shape the clothes correctly and it is a bit hard to reach in the ZBrush. In this tutorial I will try to show the way of comfortable way to shape the clothes around the dummy, load it as full body morph and save it into CR2 file.

Step 1 - Preparations

For this example I will try to make a FMB for Aiko's Crystal Mage outfit - wonderful outfit but, sadly, useful only for standard figure.

At first step we will need to prepare our items for using in ZBrush.

Load Aiko (not Aiko LE) and zero the figure by using small black triangle at the right-top corner of Parameters tab - > Zero Figure.

Select the figure and turn the desired FMB to 1 (100%). In this case I used FullFigure morph.


Export the figure with parameters shown at picture below:


You can use any scale (in this case I used Poser one) but you must use this scale all times for import, export and latter morph loading. So, if you use Hexagon scale you must use it in all occasions.

You also must use Weld option at this step.

Save the figure with name like AikoFullFigureDummy.obj

Delete the Aiko figure and Import AikoFullFigureDummy.obj to the scene with parameters shown at the picture. As you can see the import scale is matching the previously used export scale.


You should have a welded empty model of FullFigured Aiko at the scene and nothing more.

Load the cloth piece which will be morphed. In this case I used Left Armor shoulder piece from Crystal Mage outfit. You don't need to match the piece to the dummy, - it should be only at the correct place and that's all.


Export the figures again, but at this time do not weld figures. Use name like AikoFullFigureDummy-Z.obj

This will be a file used in ZBrush.

You will need to repeat this step for every FMB which you wish to make.


Step 2 - ZBrush 3.1 morphing

Now launch ZBrush 3.1 and import your AikoFullFigureDummy-Z.obj into it as a tool (Tool - > Import). Immediately after import press Edit in the top left corner to enter the edit mode.


Resize the Aiko in a way that you will be able to see the whole figure, press Ctrl+Shift and click anywhere at the figure - not at the shoulder piece. You should see the whole figure without shoulder piece. Press Ctrl to switch to the quick masking and draw rectangular over the whole figure, thus masking it all.


Press Ctrl+Shift again and click anywhere at the blank field. The shoulder piece should reappear and be brighter that the figure itself. At this point we masked the figure to use it as a dummy but the mesh is free to morph.


You might briefly switch to the Frame mode (pressing Frame button at the middle-right part of the screen) to see the groups. If your importing is correct the groups in cloth items will be in different colors and the whole Aiko mesh will be the same (dulled due to masking) color.

Now you can sculpt the mesh around dummy using brushes. I'm usually use Move (Tweak) and Nudge brushes to move the mesh in the right direction without distorting it too much.


Step 3 - ZBrush 3.1 Export

After you finished sculpting the mesh around the dummy it is time to clear the dummy and export the mesh as a morphed obj.


Go to the Masking tab (right side of the screen) and click Inverse. Now the shoulder piece should be dulled in color and the Aiko's mesh appears to be brighter.


In the same tab click HidePt - this will hide unselected mesh and the shoulder piece will become bright in color once more.


Now, go to the Geometry tab (just above the Masking tab) and click DelHidden. At the screen nothing will change but the dummy will be deleted and only shoulder piece will remain.


Export the shoulder piece with name like AikoFullFigureDummy-Zp1.obj (I used a bit different one, but you just need to find clearly your imported morphed mesh)

All times I'm using the default import and export parameters in ZBrush. Just for the reference I'm showing them here:


Step 4 - Morph Loading and Saving of CR2

Now you can close ZBrush and open the Studio again.

Load Aiko (not Aiko LE) and load the original shoulder piece. Zero Aiko and conform the shoulder piece to the figure by using “Fit to” option from Parameters tab.


Select the whole shoulder piece and open Morph Loader from Edit menu.

Navigate to your AikoFullFigureDummy-Zp1.obj file and load it. Remember, you should use the same scale which you used in export of meshes in the Step 1.

If you want your morph to be superconforming, i.e. follow the morphs of original figure automatically name the morph exactly as the morph in the original Aiko figure. In this case I named it PBMFullFigure.

Also you need to use option All Groups/Bone Matching in Skeleton to load all morphed parts of shoulder piece at the same time.


If you did everything right you can set FullFigure morph in the Aiko figure to 1 and the shoulder piece will morph itself automatically.


To save the morph in the CR2 of shoulder piece for further use you will need to use a free script called Morph to Cr2 written by DeltaX15 and available at the DAZ Studio Freepozitory

Select your shoulder piece loaded with morphs, navigate to the Studio/Scripts folder and click on Morph2Cr2 icon.

You will see the screen with list of available morphs at the left side. Using the “Transfer - > ” button move those morphs which you want in your shoulder piece from the left to the right side. For example, here I don't want to move second morph as this is only a test morph.

In the DonorCr2 line navigate to the original CR2 of shoulder piece, press Export and The script will automatically create new CR2 which will hold all needed morphs.


This is all about this technique.

If you want to make more FBM you will need to repeat all steps for all morphs and all item pieces. If you want to make FBM often it might be wise to save welded Aiko's dummies as this will save you some time.