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Fitting clothes with magnets



Tools Needed

  • Poser


Quite often, you will have clothing fit a character perfectly, that is until you apply a morph to the figure.

This tutorial will show you how to use magnets to make the clothing fit again.


Step 1 -Get dressed

To get started, I've dressed the 'She Freak for V3' in her 'Swordswoman' costume. Throughout this tutorial, I've used a shaded view to maintain decency.

So, first of all, let's look at the scene with her dressed in the default outfit, with both the shaded and full renders.



Step 2 -Apply the morph

Now, let's inject the 'Buxom' full body morph and apply the morph. Let's see what happened to the scene.


Step 3 -Time to add a magnet

The problem with this is obviously 'poke through' where a part of the body is poking through the clothes. We'll solve this problem with a single magnet. To put a magnet in, you need to select a body part that you want to apply the magnet to. In this case, we're going to select the chest as it is the piece of the body between the breasts.

So, select the chest and select 'create magnet' from the 'object' menu. You should end up with the following.


Step 4 -Expand the selection

The 'mag 1' prop will be selected by default, and now we'll expand the selection to include the breasts, which are actually the left and right collars.

So, to make the magnet affect an additional body part we start by selecting 'properties' from the 'object' menu with the 'mag 1' prop selected. We then click on the 'add element to deform' button.

Using the list that appears, select the left collar of the corset, be careful not to accidentally select the left collar of the she freak. Once you've done that, click on OK and then repeat the process for the right collar.

Step 5 -Move the magnet base

Now we'll get the magnet ready for our use. We'll start by moving the base of the magnet into the right place. Select the 'mag base 1' prop and move the base forward by changing the zTran dial, this will help to stop the magnet from affecting the back of the corset.


Out of interest, for my example, I set the yTran to 0.516, the zTran to 0.031

Step 6 -Move the magnet zone

The next thing to do is to alter the magnet zone, or area of effect of the magnet. So, select the 'mag zone 1' prop.

We want to make it wider so that it affects more of the corset. Do this by using the xScale dial, in my example, I've set it to 150%. Now we'll bring the zone forward by moving the zTran dial. This will also help to stop the magnet from affecting the back of the corset. In my example I set the zTran to 0.054

Step 7 -Stretch forwards

Now we'll make things start to happen. Select the 'mag 1' prop again. Now whatever we do to the magnet will happen to the parts of the corset that are to be affected (chest, left collar, and right collar) and that fall within the mag zone.

We'll start off by making the corset deeper or larger in the z dimension. In my example, I changed the zScale to 190%. You can now see that the corset is starting to cover the breasts, but we still have a long way to go.


Step 8 -Stretch sideways

Now we'll make the magnet wider which will also help to make the top fit. In my example, I changed the xScale to 127%. It's now covering more of the breasts, but it's still not right.


Step 9 -Stretch vertically

A little more tweaking is in order. We'll make it taller to try to fit. In my example, I changed the yScale to 120% and then move it down to compensate by changing the yTrans to -0.03. Much much better.



Step 10 -All done

Now we've done all of that, we can do a render of the whole figure, a little like the one below.


So, I hope that I've shown you a way to get clothing to fit the various morphs you might apply to a figure. At least it means that next time you apply a morph, and you get the dreaded 'poke through', you have a method of fixing it rather than having to find another set of clothes.