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Filling a container

Author: SnowFox

Tools Needed

  • Wings3D or other polygon modeler

Support Files


So you've got a container, but nothing to put in it? This tut will show you how to fill objects with “container shaped” liquid.


Step 1 - Start


The bowl is harder, so let's start with the cup. Select the faces at the bottom of the cup.

Step 2 - Extract


Extract these faces, but don't move them. Just left click to confirm.

Step 3 - The end part 1


Extrude Region > Y. That's it, the cup's full! Because you Extracted first, the liquid is a separate object, which can be asigned its own texture map.

Step 4 - Bowl


Now it gets a little tougher. Now we're going to fill the bowl. Select the bowl and Duplicate it, but don't move it. Leave it selected, and from the Select menu, choose Hide Unselected to hide the real bowl.

Step 5 - Edge loops


Select the edge loops around the inside and outside of the bowl. I like to use the second loop from the top, because otherwise the bowl's too full ;)

Step 6 - Loop Cut


Choose Loop Cut, and you should end up with this. Wings has automatically created a new face for the surface of the liquid! Delete the extra peice (the red selected part)

Step 7 - Scale


Scale > Uniform down slightly, so the liquid will fit in the bowl.

Step 8 - The end (for real)

That's it! Show > All and everything should fit right! Don't smooth the liquids. I'd suggest setting the edges of the liquid hard, that makes them render better.