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Converting INJ poses for V3/M3 Reduced Resolution

Author: TesseractSpace

Tools Needed

  • Injection Pose Builder
  • V3 Reduced Resolution
  • M3 Reduced Resolution


As many who have V3/M3 Reduced Resolution figures has discovered, attempting to use Injection based character poses for V3/M3 causes a variety of errors and leaves the character unmorphed.

The reason for this is that the Injection morphs overwrite the figure's own morphs with information meant for the normal mesh version.

This tutorial will show you how to alter an existing Injection pose into one that simply turns the dials on the figure. This is not going to be an exact duplicate of the original character morph as there are some morphs that are not included in the Reduced Resolution figures, but it will get you closer.


Step 1 - Loading your pose


Start up Injection Pose Builder. (I'm using 1.5, I'm not sure how different it is from previous versions so updating to the most recent version may be worthwhile.)

To load your pose or face, simply click on the Source File button in Injection Pose Builder. Locate the file you wish to convert. In this case I'm changing the Bronson morph from the Tuff Guys set for M3.


Now choose the Link Library that applies to the Pose you are working with. Since this pose is meant for M3, I choose the Michael3 library. If you're working with a V3 pose, you would choose one of the appropriate libraries for V3.

Step 3 - Getting rid of the readScripts


Now the essential part of the conversion process. Make sure you place a check in the box for Exclude readScripts Entirely. This will make sure that you create a normal morph pose rather than an injection pose.

Step 4 - Processing and Saving


Now click the Process Options button. This will convert your pose.

Once it finishes, go to the File menu and choose Save As to save your newly altered pose. Be careful as it defaults to the name of the original pose, so don't forget to rename your pose.


In this case I've called mine Bronson noINJ.pz2, but use whatever naming convention works best for you.

Step 5 - Using the pose


Start up Poser, load the V3 or M3 reduced resolution figure. Find your new pose. (it'll likely have the default poser shrugging guy for a thumbnail, unless you made one for it already.)


You may notice when you use the pose that it gives a message about the pose not being intended for this figure, and the look may not be exactly the same. However this is much better than having the figure not morph at all and its channels being overwritten with data it can't use.

Happy Posing.