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Character Creation for Non-modelers

Author: 3Don


Most of us non-modelers acquire our characters in whole from commercial and free sources. Go to DAZ for Sci-Fi heroes, Egyptians, and Knights, go to Bbay for 19th and 20th Century soldiers, or go to PoserWorld or Phil C's site for a myriad of historical and modern characters.

But what about that special character you need and can't find… or afford? It's not so hard to create your own characters from existing ones. Recombining props, clothes, and textures is the answer. Following are some methods and examples of how I made characters I needed, but could not find.

Step 2 - U.S. Cavalry Man


I wanted an old west cavalryman as one of the models for my Gunslinger poses. When I needed one, it was not available. Here's how I made one.

a. I dressed the Millennium Man in his regular pants, shirt, suspenders, and cowboy boots.

b. A blue fill was added to the texture template from his clothes pack and a yellow stripe added to the pant legs. The texture was applied to white pants. Using the eye-dropper tool, I colored the shirt the same blue. The suspenders were matched to the yellow pants stripe.

c. The cavalry hat was found at Crowfoot's Greylight site. Questor's old Colt revolver and cross-draw holster rig were added. The bandana and spurs were found at Renderosity. Putting it all together I ended up with Trooper Miller.

Step 3 - Pirate


This character was easy to make because I already had the DAZ Pirate Pack in my collection.

The peg leg, hook, and eye patch were added to the Millennium Man. A hand and lower leg were made invisible.

Michael's regular pants were added with the lower legs made invisible, giving them a ragged look. His regular vest was added along with the cummerbund (from the suit coat pack). Both the pirate headscarf and stocking cap in the DAZ Costume pack can be made to conform to Michael. As well, the wrist-guards and scimitar from the same source, can be used with some tweaking. The cannon, treasure chest, starfish, and rowboat can all be found at DAZ, too. The old pistol is from Crowfoot.

To texture the clothes I did not use regular texture maps. Wanting a different look, I applied flat textures such as ivory, bark, leather, etc. to pants and other articles.

A Moorish pirate from North Africa was derived by making the skin darker, giving the face African attributes, and adding the Costume Pack turban, wrist guards, and armband (ring-enlarged). An Egyptian pirate was made with a bearded texture map, the Costume Pack fez, mariner pants, morphing dagger, and spear.


Step 4 - Royal Marine


PoserWorld made a really nice conforming uniform with textures for a 19th C. British naval officer. I wanted to round out the crew with a Royal Naval Marine.

The regular uniform was conformed to the Mill Man. The dark blue jacket texture was changed to bright red in Photoshop.

Royal Marines wore a hat that was more like a short top hat with a feather in it. I had a top hat, which was squashed down a little and tweaked to fit. A feather (from un-remembered source) was added.

Finally, a Brown Bess musket with bayonet was added and Lt. Michaelson was created, fixing a bayonet in front of the brass naval cannon.

Step 5 -


There have been hundreds of characters and clothing sets created for the Poser4 woman. Less has been done for the Millennium Woman, so she is the focus here.

With all the mayhem possible with pirates and gunslingers… better get a medic. (And I needed a passable EMS medic for my Rescuer poses.)

The scrubs-green clothes was dialed in from the RGB color palette, and then picked up with the eyedropper tool to color other clothing parts. The ball-cap is from the Poser 4 library. I added a simple red cross to the texture template and applied. By adding a few medical props, the result is Medic Vicky.

She can be a doctor, nurse, schoolteacher, judge, astronaut, or whatever… with only a few props, textures, the right hair, and a little tweaking.