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A Bird's Breakfast: First Build Your Worm!

Author: philebus

Tools Needed

  • Shade 7
  • UV Mapper Classic


Hi there, my name is Robin Redbreast, you may remember me from such Christmas cards as 'Merry Christmas' and 'To Dad'. I'm here to talk to you about birds and what humans feed them. Many people have a strange idea about what we like to eat, no really, how would you like to live on a diet of stale bread crumbs. And let's not mention peanuts. No, what a bird really likes to have for breakfast is a fat, juicy worm.

So, read on and learn how to make me a worm. In this first tutorial, we'll create the worm object in Shade 7, you could use another modeling program but this is one a lot of you may have now with Poser 6 and if not, it is very cheap. In the second, longer tutorial we will import the object into Poser and rig it in the Set Up room before giving it Easy Pose with software by Ajax. You won't need to have completed this tutorial to do the second, as I shall include the object in the support files.

Before you start this, you're going to need Steve Cox's UV Mapper Classic, which is a free download here:


Step 1 - A quick build


There are many different methods to create our worm. We could use and open line and create a revolved shape from that but we wouldn't get enough evenly distributed divisions for smooth bending. We could also try using Magic Sketch, but the division can be a little untidy and we want to keep things simple. So, start Shade and, if you prefer, expand the front view to fill the screen.

Now, start a new part and use Create to make a sphere. Fill about two thirds of the screen with it - we can easily scale down. Next, click Modify and Modify Control Points. You need to click on one of the side points and drag it in to make a cigar shape. Of course, so far you've only flattened the sphere, so now change views to the side and drag in the other two side points to finish your worm shape.


You must now convert this shape into polygons so that Poser can use it. This is done in two stages. The first time you click Convert, you will get a curved surface.


Step 2 - Getting the polygons


Click on Convert again and you will get a new dialogue box. The default divisions are totally insufficient for use, change the values to 20 and 50 as show here.

Now you have the familiar mesh


Now save your mesh:


Step 3 -

If you have Shade Standard, then you can create the UV map before you save the object, if you have light edition, don't worry, we can use UV Mapper Classic.

Start up UV Mapper and load your model, following the steps below.

Select File > load model and locate your object. To create the map, select the cylindrical options shown:


And now, save your model again. The map information is stored within the OBJ file. Leave all the check boxes as the are here.


Finally, select File > Save Texture Map, this saved file will be your template to create a texture.

Step 4 - Creating the texture


Now you have your texture template. Open it up in your paint program, start a new layer and set the opacity to about 85% so you can see the template below. Choose a orange brown colour, just add some noise and a little blur. Now select a dark brown and draw lines across for the worm's segments and blur them. After saving, create a grayscale version for use as a bump map - you could also try using it for displacement.

And that's the first stage over. We're ready now for Stage Two: A Bird's Breakfast: Rigging for EasyPose