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Using Mimic with Poser 4 and above

Author: Vicky Tolonen

Tools Needed

* Mimic Pro

* Poser 4+


This Tutorial goes over the steps needed to load DAZ and Poser figures in to Mimic Pro.


Step 1: Set your Preferences

Please note: This step is only necessary for Poser 5 and 6. If you are using Poser 4 or ProPack, skip to Step 2.

In Poser 5:

You will first need to uncheck Use File Compression. This can be found in your Poser 5- > General Preferences (Mac) or Edit- > General Preferences (Windows)


In Poser 6

You will first need to uncheck Use File Compression and uncheck Use External Binary Morph Targets. This can be found in your Poser 5- > General Preferences- > Misc (Mac) or Edit- > General Preferences- > Misc (Windows)


Step 2: Load the Freak in to Poser

Please follow these steps if using The Freak. If using Jessi or James, please skip to Step 3. If using other Mil Figures, please skip to Step 5.

In order to get the Freak to work in Mimic, you will need to load him in to Poser, and INJect his Expression morphs, then save him out as a new Character file.

Load the Freak:

First, load the Freak from your Figures- > DAZ Freak directory. Please be sure to load the green-and-red Freak, not the !Blank (See FAQ here for more information on !Blank figures:


INJect All Expressions:

With the Freak selected, go to your Poses- > !M3 Expressions INJ folder, and double click the !All Expressions file. This will INJect the needed mouth movements in to the Freak.


Save to Figures:

Next, you will need to save the Freak as a new CR2 file. To do this, go to your Figures- > DAZ Freak folder. With the Freak selected, click on the + sign at the bottom to Add him to your Library.

Name the character FreakMimic.

You should now see the FreakMimic character (CR2) in your Figures- > DAZ Freak folder.


Step 3: Load Jessie or James in to Poser

To use Jessi or James in Mimic, you will need to load them in to Poser, then save them out again as new CR2's. This is because Jessi and James' character files are in compressed CRZ format. Since we've turned off File Compression (Step 1), loading and resaving Jessi or James will create a CR2 instead.

Load James (or Jessi):

Load James (or Jessi) from your Figures- > James (or Jessi from Figures- > Jessi) directory. Please be sure to load the non-clothed version of James (or Jessi), as Mimic cannot read a character and its clothing.


Save James to Figures:

Next, you will need to save James (or Jessi) as a new CR2 file. To do this, go to your Figures- > James (or Jessi) folder. With James (or Jessi) selected, click on the + sign at the bottom to Add him (or her) to your Library.

Name the character JamesMimic (or JessiMimic).

You should now see the JamesMimic (or JessiMimic) character (CR2) in your Figures- > James (or Jessi) folder.


Step 4: Uncompress Geometry

Before you can use Jessi or James in Mimic, you will also need to Uncompress their Geometry files.

To do this, go to your Window- > Python Scripts- > Utility Funcs menu, and click on UnCompress Files.


Choose the Poser 6\Runtime\libraries\character\James (or Jessi) folder (you may have to type this in manually, so be sure to remember the path). Check the Uncompress Geometry files. You may choose to Delete the original files if you wish.

Hit OK.


Step 5: Session Manager

This step applies to all characters:

Once in Mimic, load your Sound file in the top box. This sound file should be in .WAV format on Windows, and in .AIFF format on the Macintosh. It's recommended that you keep the sound file under 5 minutes at a time, as current systems are not able to analyze larger sound files in a reasonable amount of time.

If you have a text file to go with your sound file, load it in the second box. This text file should have just the words in your audio file, spelled out fon-eh-tik-all-ee :)

In the third box, load in your Configuration File. The DMC (DAZ Mimic Configuration File) is a text file that tells Mimic what sounds go with what mouth movements. Most Mimic-compatible characters have their own Configuration Files, available on the Product Page, or on the Mimic Resources Page ( )

Finally, load your Character (CR2) file here. If you are using the Freak, as in my example above, your screen should look like this:


If you are using Jessi or James, your screen should look something like this:


Please note: When using Jessi or James, Mimic may prompt you to locate their OBJ and JPG files. Their OBJ's are located in Runtime\libraries\Character\James or Runtime\libraries\Character\Jessi

and their JPG's are located in Runtime\textures\Poser 6 Textures\James or Runtime\textures\Poser 6 Textures\Jessi

Step 6: Preview your Characters

Once you hit Okay on the Session Manager Screen, Mimic will analyze your sound and character file.

You can then Preview your Animation in Mimic.



Step 7: Export PZ2

In order to get your animation back in to Poser, you need to Export a PZ2.

A PZ2 file is a Poser POSE file, similar to the Poses that you use to Position your characters.

PZ2 files go in to your Runtime\libraries\Pose\yourfolderofchoice.

To bring your Mimic animation in to Poser, go to File- > Export Pose.

Name this Pose yourcharacternameMimic.pz2.

Save this Pose PZ2 in to your Poser\Runtime\libraries\Pose\yourfolderofchoice. I prefer to have a specific Mimic folder, so I am saving to Poser\Runtime\libraries\Pose\Mimic.


Step 8: Back to Poser

At this point, you should go back in to Poser.

As stated above, in your Jessi, James, or DAZ Freak folder you should have a specific yourcharacterMimic character. Load that character now.


Now, go to your Poses- > yourfolderofchoice (the one that you saved the PZ2 to in Step 7). In this case, I saved my PZ2 to Poses- > Mimic, so that is the folder I go to.

In that folder is my JamesMimic animation that I created. Double click on that file to apply it to your Character.


Now, open your Timeline (Windows- > Animation), and click Play.

James, Jessi, Freak, or any of your other Mil characters should now begin talking.


Step 9: Conclusion

Please use the above steps as just a quick guideline on using your characters in Mimic. Steps may vary a little bit depending on which character you are loading, and the version of Poser that you have. Hopefully, this Tutorial will help you with using Mimic for the first time.