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Mimic 2 The Display Window

Author: CommonUser

Tools Needed

  • Mimic 2


Ok, so you've gone through the Session Manager and now you are in the Main Window with the full Victoria figure standing there looking at you. But, suppose you want to see a close-up of her face to help you sync the words to the phonemes more precisely. Or, maybe you\'d like to see her speaking from a side angle, or (in the Pro version) maybe you\'d like to match the display angle to that of the video footage you've imported so you can adjust her gestures to match the action in the scene more precisely. For any of these you are going to need camera controls. And that's precisely what all those little boxes along the side of the display window are for.

Step 1 - The Display Window


Note: The Display Window is identical for both the standard and Pro versions of Mimic 2).

To use the controls you will place your cursor over the control, press your mouse button, and drag in the desired direction. When you'release the button the camera retains the position it was in upon release.

The three lower buttons are used by simple single click but we'll talk about those when we get to them.

Step 2 - Rotation Control


The first button is your rotation button [circling Arrow] (step1). It acts the same as the trackball in Poser. Its center of rotation is the part of the figure that is centered in the display. You can drag the mouse in any direction to turn the figure on that center pivot.

Step 3 - Pan Control


The second button is the Pan control [four directional arrow](step 2). You can drag the mouse to pan the camera vertically or horizontally in the plane of the display to reposition the figure in those directions. You can drag the mouse in any direction to reposition the figure in the window.

Step 4 - Zoom Control


The third button is the zoom control [Magnifying glass](step 3). This allows you to zoom the camera in and out from the figure. Dragging your pointer up zooms in and dragging your pointer down will zoom the camera out. Dragging right or left creates uneven results and should be avoided with this control.

Step 5 - Center Control


The fourth button is the center figure control [crosshairs](Step 4). This control centers the visible portion of the figure in the Display Window with the camera facing the figure from the front. This button is a simple click and release button.

Step 6 - Hide Control


The fifth button is the Hide control [closed eye] (step 5). If you use the pan control to drag the figure down until only the head is visible and then click on this button it will make the off-screen bodyparts of the figure invisible. Then, if you click on the center figure control, only the portions of the figure that are still visible will be centered, while the rest of the body remains invisible.

(note: figures come into Mimic 2 preset with all bodyparts hidden except the head)

Step 7 - Un-hide Control


The sixth and last button is the Un-hide control [open eye](step 6). If you click the center figure button now, the whole figure, from head to toe, is centered in the display window.

I hope that clears up any questions you've had about those mysterious little buttons.