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How To Create (and save) Face Morphs For Beginners

Author: CD_2007

Tools Needed

* “DAZ” Studio

* Poser Format Exporter


This is my first tutorial that I have put together for the newest members of the Poser Community. In it, you will learn how to create a face morph and save it as a .pz2 file for future use.


Step 1 - Load The Figure


Load the desired figure that you wish to use for this tutorial. I have chosen my character “DAZ RAIDER Maddie” to use.

Step 2 - Create Desired Face


In the “Parameters” Tab, adjust the dials for “Head”, “Face”, “Eyes”, “Nose”, “Lips”, etc.

Step 3 - Select The Head


Now you will select the head of the figure which will allow you to use the “Poser Format Exporter”. (To use the Poser Format Exporter, you must have the figure's Head selected).

Step 4 - Open The Poser Format Exporter


In the “Content” tab, click on “Studio”. Scroll down to (and click on) “Scripts”. Choose “Utilities”. Double-Click on “Poser Format Exporter”.

Step 5 - Choose Filename And Location For Saved .pz2 File


You will need to set the “Path” (where you want the .PZ2 file saved to), otherwise it will be saved to C:\Program Files\DAZ\Studio. You will also need to name the file to be saved, otherwise it will be saved as .dazgenerated.pz2

I created a folder specifically for all of my .pz2 files in “My Documents”

Step 6 - Save The Face Morph


In the Poser Format Exporter, set the “Nodes” to “Selected”. Now all you have to do is click on “Accept”. Having done so, your Face Morph will be saved as a .PZ2

Step 7 - Add The Saved Face Morphs To "DAZ" Studio

Copy the folder that you saved the face morph in and paste it in:

C:\Program Files\DAZ\Studio\content\Runtime\libraries\Pose

Now all you have to do is load your figure, select the head, and click on your saved .pz2 file (located in C:\Program Files\DAZ\Studio\content\Runtime\libraries\Pose\your pz2 folder) to add the face morphs.