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How to make a soft pillow with D-Form

Author: Ruri ruri

Step 1: Create a Sphere

Open DAZ Studio and create a sphere primitive. To create a new primitive go to the Create Menu then New Primitive


Click on the drop down menu and click sphere.


Set the diameter at least one ft. or one meter. Set the divisions to a high number.


Step 2: Flat like a pillow


Select the sphere. Change the Y scale to 30%. (You can change that from the parameters box) Open the parameters from the view menu, tabs, then Parameters


. Then change the Y scale of the sphere to 30%.

Step 3: Create the D-formers

Open your D-form box (Located in the view menu, tabs then D-form)


The top of the box should say Create New.


Create 4 D-formers (When this box pops up click okay)


Step 4: Placing the D-formers

Select a D-former Field. (In the scene box click on the plus sign next to the Sphere to expand)


Translate it on Z and X. (From the Parameters box) Move the field to the side. Like in the picture.


Move each of your four D-former fields to cover a side. Here is what they look like all selected.


Step 5: Pulling out the corners


Now Select the D-former. (In the Scene box under

D-former Field, The plus sign next to D-former Base)


Select D-former. In the Parameters Box Translate the D-former on X and Z. (Move it away from the pillow)


Step 6: Create the indent

After you've done Step 5 with all the corners create a 5th D-former. Move the Field up a little bit. (Translate on Y) and Scale it just a little smaller. Then Select the D-former and move it down to create an indent.