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Custom morphs in DAZ Studio with D-form plug-in

Author: Kattey

Tools Needed

* DAZ Studio

* D-from plug-in

* Morph To CR2 script by DeltaX15


D-form is powerful tool and should not be underestimated. While generally it can be used to custom shape the models in DAZ Studio it also has more powerful functions. With help of this plug-in and the script made by DeltaX15 this tutorial will show how to make custom morphs and save them in the character. As a model for this tutorial I choose Spuggles (which is freely available at DAZ Free Models Archive). As nice a model as it is Spuggles has no many shape morphs to speak about so we will fix that with help of the D-form plug-in.


Step 1 - The creation of right horn

Choose the Spuggles character and zero it by clicking the small arrow button at the Parameters Tab (usually right-top corner) then press “Zero figure”. This seems to have no effect at Spuggles but it will come handy when you will deal with other models. The zeroed position of the figure will make the process of the creation of the morphs more comfortable.

At the beginning we will create the Horn Morph for Spuggles' head. Right-click at Spuggles at the area of Head and Select Spuggles: Head or use the Scene Tab (usually located at left of the screen) and select Head.

Activate the D-form Tab and while the Head is selected click on the “Create New”. Name it D-former_Right. This will be our right horn.

Now when you will notice that under the head we have a D-former.


The D-former itself consist of three parts: the Field part, which defines the how big the area affected by morph, the Base part which defines the point and direction of applied D-former and the D-former which define the morph itself.

In order to make the Horn we will need to adjust all three components.

At the beginning the Spuggles head covered by yellow and red dots. The color in that case define how big the area which will be affected by morph: the red dots show the areas which will be more affected, the yellow dots show the area which will be less affected, the area without dots won't be affected at all.

For the horn we don't need to affect the whole head so chose the Field component of the D-former and scale it down to 25%. You will lose the view on the D-former for a moment but don't be afraid.

Now, chose the Field component and move it up and left and a bit back by entering the Translate coordinates -25/130/10 for X/Y/Z accordingly. In general case you moving the D-former Field in the point where the Field component will affect the area of desired morph.


Chose the Base component and enter the same coordinates for it, so the Base will appear in the center of Field area.

Now we will change the angle of Base component to make our Horn not strictly vertical. Chose the Base and change the Z-rotate Property to 50.


After that select the last component D_former_Right (the D-former itself) and move it up and a bit back to create a horn. I used 35 for Y translate and -15 for Z translate properties.

Now we have our horn.


Step 2 - The creation of the left horn

To create the left horn again select the Spuggles' head and again create the new D-former. Name it D-former_Left. Now, the both horns should be symmetrical to look nice. The hard way to do so would be to move all three components of new D-former at the right by entering the new coordinated for Field, Base and D-former but there is an easier way.

Select (in the Scene tab) the D-former_Right Field and press Ctrl+C. Then, select the D-former_Left Field and press Ctrl+V. The new Field will “vanish” but only because this procedure will apply the same scale and translate coordinates as for D-former_Right Field so they will be viewed as the one field. To move the new Field in desired position symmetrically select the D-Former_Left_Field and change the minus of X Translate coordinate to the plus so you will have 25. It will automatically move the D-Former_Left_Field in the symmetrical point at the other side of the Spuggles head.


Repeat the process with the Base component. Here you will need to change to the opposite not only the X Translate coordinate but also Z Rotate Coordinate. Just change plus on the minus and minus to the plus so you will have 25 for X Translate coordinate and -50 for Z Rotate coordinate.


Now just use the same process the copy-paste the coordinated of the D-former_Left itself. In that case you won't need to change anything.

Here our left horn.


Step 3 - The making of morphs

So everything is looking nice but those D-former spheres tend to mess with workflow so we are going to get rid of them and spawn the morph for Horns which also will allow us to change the length of the horns smoothly.

Select the Spuggles' head and open the D-form tab. If you want the morph be a part of the head only leave the “Create Root Control Parameter” unchecked, otherwise check it.

Press “Spawn Morph…” to create a morph. If you got a message “None of the selected nodes have a DForm applied. Nothing to spawn morph from” than make sure that you selected the Spuggles' head and not some other part of the body.

After that the system will ask you to enter a unique Morph name - in that case just enter “Horns”


Now you can delete the both left and right D-formers.


At the first glance it seems that we deleted the whole our work too because the Spuggles' head went back to normal. But just select the Spuggles' head (or the Spuggles at whole if you checked the “Create Root Control Parameter” before) and in Parameters tab you will see you morph. Increase the value of the morph and the horns will appear.


Step 4 - How to save the morph

There are a two ways to save the customized character in the DAZ Studio. The first way is to save as scene the whole character and Merge it with you future work any time when the new, improved Spuggles will be needed.

The other way is to use a free script called Morph to Cr2 written by DeltaX15 and available at the DAZ Studio Freepozitory: Morph to Cr2

Download and install the script by unzipping it in your Studio/Scripts folder. Do it without closing the Studio itself (otherwise you might lose the character) and wait a bit for new script to appear.

Navigate to the Studio- > Scripts folder and find the Morph ToCr2 Script. Make sure that your Spuggles is selected as a figure.


Double-clicking at the script icon will bring the script menu.


By default the script will show only active morphs (i.e. those morphs that have value bigger different from zero). To see all morphs just uncheck Active Only option at the left of the tab. Find the Horns morph and transfer from left to right.


If you want to have all previous morphs in the new figure you need to transfer all previous morphs from left to right but remember that you can't redistribute new CR2 with other people morphs without their given permission.


After transferring all morphs select the donor CR2 and output CR2 by browsing to the old CR2 (in that case it's Content/Runtime/Libraries/Character/Spuggles/Spuggles DS.CR2 and the program will generate new CR2 name and path automatically. You can change the name of new CR2 if you wish.

Press Export and wait a bit. The time of waiting depends from complexity of figure and number of transferred morphs.

After that you can delete you previous figure and navigate back to the folder with Spuggles. You will see the new default thumbnail with name like “Spuggles-DS new”. Click on it and bring the improved Spuggles back. If you transferred all old morphs into the new character you will be able to access them as well as the Full Body Morph of the whole Spuggles or just a morph for separate body part depending from your chosen options.


Now you can freely use improved character instead of previous one.

Do not forger to create a thumbnail for new character as explained in the tutorial “Creating Thumbnails In DAZ Studio” By Dandrea Design.

Step 5 - The last note

For purpose of the tutorial I made another morph called “Belly” which gives Spuggles an ample belly. It needs to be noted that in this case I created two separate D-formers both for chest and hip areas because each D-former can only affect one body part. I scaled and rotated the both D-formers (all three parts) in the same way, placed them just one above another, and moved the D-formers (third part) in the same direction at the same distance (you can do that by selecting both D-formers with Ctrl at the Scene tab).

After that I spawned two separate morphs for the chest and the hip area and combined them in the MorphToCr2 in one Full Body Morph.

Here is our Spuggles :)