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Creating Blankets with the D-Form Plug-in

Author: Ruri ruri

Tools Needed

* DAZ Studio

* D-form Plug-in

Step 1: Creating the Planes

Open up your DAZ Studio. Import a person or animal of your choice. Put them in a laying pose.


Then create two planes. The first one should be longer than the person. The second one can be as long as you wish. Create a new plane by going to the Create menu and selecting New primitive.


A small box should appear in the center of the screen. Click on the drop down menu to change from cube to plane.


change the settings of your plane here. The divisions should be set to a high number like 100 so that the blanket has a nice smooth look.


Step 2: Placing them correctly

Move larger plane up so that it's right under the models belly. If the model is lying on its side move it right under the smallest part of their side. Here's an example.


You can move things up and down in the PARAMETERS box. The top area in the picture below is the Translation. The Y translation will move object up and down.


Step 3: Creating D-formers

Look under the model to see how many place they poke through. That's how many D-formers you'll need. Open your D-form box buy going to the view menu, tabs then D-form.


Click create new at the top of the box. You must have the bottom plane selected in order for it to be affected by the D-former.


Step 4: Changing the affected area

Make your D-formers only affect the pokethroughs. You can do this by selecting the D-former Field. (The blue box out area in the


Scale it smaller a move it to that it only covers a poke through. Scale is also found in the Parameters box. at the bottom.


here's an example of what your bottom might look like after you've place a d-former on each poke through.


Step 5: Covering up the pokethroughs

To cover up you pokethroughs select the D-former. The red boxed area in the picture.


Translate the D-former on Y. Bring it down to cover up the poke through. This is what yours might look like after you've covered up all the bottom pokethroughs.


Step 6: The top plane

For the top Plane do as you did with the bottom and cover you the poking through areas. (Tip: when you are moving you D-former field it's going to go off the sides of your plane but don't worry that's good.)

Step 7: Making the sides glide down

To make the Side glide down like real covers at night Create Two more D-formers for the top plane. Put one Field on each side.


Scale the field so that red area doesn't look like a semi-circle but a straight line like in this picture.


Here's a finished picture.