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Creating a Handle for Simple Eye Movement

Author: KKRawal

Tools Needed

* DAZ Studio

Step 1 - Create Eye Control


Open DAZ Studio.

Create- > New Primitive- > Cube

Size=2, dimention=2 (cm)

Click on Accept


Create- > New Primitive- > Cube

Size=2, dimention=2 (cm)

Click on Accept

Now you got 2 Cube

Scene Window:Select Cube_2 and drag under Cube

Now Cube_2 is child of Cube

Step 2 - Create Rotation


Parameter Window: While Cube_2 is still selected

Change Value X_Translate=25

TimeLine:Total Frame=12

Scene Window: select Cube

TImeLine:Goto Frame 0

Parameter Window:Z_Rotate = 0 and Click on + on the TimeLine

TimeLine Goto Frame 11

Parameter Window and Change Value Z_Rotate=360 and click on + on the TimeLine

Now Select Cube_2 and Click on TimeLine and you will see that Cube_2 is rotating in

circular motion.

Step 3 - Load Character


Goto Content and Select Preteen Vicki

Content- > > DAZ People- > Preteen Vicki

You can select any figure you like.

Click to Import in the Main Window.

Put some hair on head and clothes on her body.

Main Window- > Front View

Step 4 - Settle her posture


Change her figure as you wish.

Step 5 - Change View


Change View

Main Window- > Left View

Step 6 - Move Eye Control


Move Eye Control

Scene Window- > Select Cube

TimeLine Goto Frame 0

Parameter Window

Change Value: Y_Translate= 135


Parameter Window:

Select Cube , Visible=Off

TimeLine:Goto Frame 0

Select Preteen's Head

Change the Morph as you wish, Time Line:Click on +

Goto Frame 11

Change the Morph as you wish, TIme Line:Click on +

Step 7 - Control Eyes


Scene Window:

Select Preteen's Right Eye and Left Eye

Step 8 - Point At and Final


Parameter Window: While Right Eye and Left Eye both are still selected.

Select Point At:

Select Cube_2 and click on Accept

Run the animation.

Now change the view according to you test and render.

Your Character's eyes are now rotating.

Enjoy Rendering