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Easy style change !

Author: Corinne

Tools Needed


A simple tutorial for beginners, to easily use the Ultimate Changing Ponytail. Done using Poser 5.

Step 1 - Getting started

Once you loaded the hair model (which you will find in character > DAZ hair) open Poser's dials by going into Window > Parameter dials.

Select then the “Hair” part of the hair model as shown in the screenshot below.


Step 2 - changing styles

To change styles, we're going to work with the three first dials only. After this step you'll see how simple it is.


Each turn of the dial (whole numbers : 1, 2, 3…) corresponds to one style. You can entirely change the look of the hair model by turning the tails, bangs and buns dials.

To change the dials numbers simply click on the number and enter the value you wish - it is suggested to try every possibility to see the best of the model.

Example with the following settings (2 / 8 / 9) :


Step 3 - removing buns, bangs and tails

Would you like to remove the tail, to have a bun and bang combination only? One dial on each model part corresponds to “nothing” and simply hides it. Enter the following values in the dials to hide the wanted parts : 3 / 9 / 12.


And there you go.