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INJection poses for Stepanie Petite

Author: Corinne

Tools Needed

  • DAZ INJection Pose Builder


You already own and use DAZ' INJection Pose Builder, but you're disappointed because you're not able to create INJ / REM files for Stephanie Petite ?

Here's an easy solution to do it !

Step 1 - as usual

In the process of creating your INJ / REM files, proceed as usual, as you would do for Victoria 3 or Michael 3.

Save your character in the Pose or in the Character library of Poser.

Then open IPB and load the freshly created pose, with the “Ignore Zeroed Channels” option checked.

Now look into the code….

Step 2 - compatibility problems

Look, there are several problems :


First, the file is designed for Victoria 3. This means that when you'll try to inject or remove morphs, Poser will go searching for Victoria 3's ones and will give you very exotic results.

Second, some of the morphs seems to be unavaible. It's because some morphs Stephanie has aren't in Victoria 3 library.

We're going to correct that.

Step 3 - correcting the "not in dictionary" problems

In my screenshot above, look at this line :

// EyesSlant not in Deltas dictionary.

To make this appear correctly, copy the line from the top and simply replace the value by the one you need (warning, case sensitive). As this :

readScript “:Runtime:libraries:!DAZ:Victoria 3:Head:Deltas:InjDeltas.EyesSlant.pz2”

And replace the // wrong line by this one:

readScript “:Runtime:libraries:!DAZ:StephPetite:Head:Deltas:InjDeltas.EyesSlant.pz2”

Do this for every // dictionary error that seems to appear in the Delta Information AND in the Visibility information.

Step 4 - correcting the "victoria 3" problem

If you do not own a text edit software that has a “searching and replacing function”, you will have to do the following changes manually, and that can be done right in IPB, before saving your files.

If you own a text edit software, then it will be easier and less pain. TextPad is a powerful editor that comes in handy for tasks such as this, and for hand editing cr2 files.

In this case, save your INJ/REM files as you would usually do, and then open them in your text edit software.

Do a search for “Victoria 3” and replace all the “Victoria 3” that appear in your file by “StephPetite”.

And now your INJ / REM files will properly work for Stephanie Petite !