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Solving Poke-Through in Conforming Clothing

Poke-through is when the human figure below the clothing pokes through the face or surface of the clothing. It looks very unrealistic and produces unacceptable results.

There are several ways to deal with poke-through below. You may need to use only one method or two or more.

Supported Figures. Make sure the clothing you are applying to the figure is designed for the human figure. If you use clothing for Michael 3 on Michael 4, you can expect serious poke-through.

Supported Morphs. Only use Morphs in the base human figure that are supported in the clothing. This is not a hard and fast rule as there are other ways to get around this, but it will reduce the likelihood of poke-through. If you are using an outfit that only supports Victoria 4.2 base, but has no support for V4.2 Morphs++, you should expect poke-through when you dial up the ‘Amazon’ morph in V4.2.

Adjustment morphs are often available in the clothing that can bend or more the drape of the robe or dress to flow with the body’s new position. The ‘drapey’ portion of an outfit, such as the skirt, by nature is not form-fitting. For this reason, adjustment morphs are typically built into the clothing. You can use these to move, bend, sway, or otherwise change the ‘flow’ of the skirt or robe so that it matches up with the legs.

Cloth Thickness. Some outfits, such as the bodysuit, have a cloth thickness morph in them. Increase the value of this morph to eliminate minor poke-through. It’s very effective for this.

Avoid extreme poses. Extreme poses include poses where the values of the nodes (arm, elbow, shoulder, etc) are near maximum value or even beyond. These are much more likely to product poke-through in clothing. There are ways around this for advanced users, but you can expect poke-through for extreme poses. Hiding parts of the body and magnets are ways to resolve poke-through caused by extreme poses.

Hide the part of the body that is poking through. This is a very easy method and in most instances is very effective. It is not effective if part of the body you need to hide is naturally exposed such as the upper arm beneath a long sleeve. To hide any part of the body in DAZ Studio, use the Scene Tab to find the part and click the ‘eye’ to the right to close it. In Poser, select the body part and then uncheck the ‘visible’ box in the Parameters Panel.

Use magnets. Magnets are provided in separate products and, in rare occasion, with some clothing products. Magnets are not for beginning users and require a solid understanding to use effectively. See the readme for magnets for more information.
• In DAZ Studio 3 Advanced, use the Morphfollower feature. This assumes that the clothing was designed for the figure on which it is used, but doesn’t have support for the particular morph or morphs you are using in the base human figure.