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V4 got you seeing Blue? (C6 version)

Author: BTLProductions

Tools Needed

  • Carrara 6
  • A figure that you are importing with Skin (I used V4.1).


When I hear about the Carrara 5 tutorial on skin I did for Carrara 5, I hear that it is complicated. This is a simple tutorial to improve the look of a DAZ/Poser figure when importing them into Carrara. Shaders are render engine specific so Poser Shaders don't translate well into Carrara. However Carrara has its own very powerful shader tree and this tutorial will introduce you to setting them.


Step 1 - Getting started

A. Start off by adding your figure to your scene by choosing your figure in the Content Tab of your Browser.


B. Then also in your content tab select the texture you wish to use and apply it to your figure.


C. Now go to EDIT > Remove Unused Masters > Shaders.


This is a good habit to get into, it helps keep it easy to find specific shaders and helps reduce overhead.

D. Select your figure on the “Model” Line and go to the shader room by selecting the Shader room Paintbrush at the top of the page.


Step 2 - The Shader Room

A. Now that you are in the shader room your window should look something like this.


B. Choose the Torso Skin Shader by double clicking it. and you should get the shader to open.


C. If there is a color with your texture map, which will show up if your chosen texture comes with a Poser shader you should eliminate it by dragging the skin texture onto the multiply node above it.

D. Turn your Highlight Shader to “None”

E. Adjust your bump settings by setting it to between 3 and 12 percent from the Top Shader level.


F. You can do this with each body shader or you can choose the little button next to each shader that uses this same texture map and assign it to the torso shader, or you can simply drag your new Torso shader onto the other shaders with this texture map.


Note: There are times when you will wish to do these shaders separately, for example some make up options, will have only the lips on the texture map.

G. Repeat the steps with the skin from the face, and in the case of Mil4 figures, like V4, the limbs.


Step 3 - Back to the Assembly room.

A. Go back to the Assembly room and to show you what I am talking about reducing confusion and overhead, open the shader tab, which is next to the instance tab.


See all the shaders?

B. Go to Edit > Remove Unused Masters > Shaders again.


I know this could have been skipped in Step 1, but it makes it easier to see just the active shaders if you want to make other adjustments or are going to use the pull down to assign your shaders.

C. The difference between the number of shaders before after removing the unused ones.


Step 4 - Set up the rest of your scene, and render.

A. Set up the rest of your scene, set your lights, add clothing, poses, etc. to suit your desired scene then go to the render room.

B. Adjust your render settings and render.


C. To show you the difference this is the same scene with the same settings, the same lights, the same camera position and the shader that the scene started with.


D. You can go back to the shader room and make any needed adjustments, back to the assembly room and adjust lights, poses, until your scene is exactly to your liking.

E. Have fun.