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Using Poser items in Carrara

Author: anxcon

Tools Needed

  • Poser character/prop/etc files to be used
  • Carrara

Step 1 - Starting Carrara


Click the icon on your desktop, or go through start menu, whichever way you have it to start Carrara.

Your icon may differ from the above picture, depending on your version of Carrara.

Step 2 - Starting a new scene


Unless you have changed the default preferences, this window will come up. Click on “New empty Doc” to create an empty scene.

Step 3 - Finding the "import" option


Next click on the import option in the File menu.

Step 4 - Finding your Poser runtime folder


Next, depending on your operating system, the image will differ, but the way it works is about the same, the above is Windows XP.

Click at the top to bring down a dropbox of the drives on your computer. and select the one containing your poser files you wish to use. If you are unsure where it is, the default location for poser is C:\Program Files\CuriousLabs\Poser. Your items are most likely there.

Step 5 - Selecting an item


Again, assuming you have Poser installed, for ease of finding the items, go to the folder with your item, and select it.

In the example we use DAZ Victoria 3, currently free. Default location in your poser runtime would be in libraries\characters\DAZPeople, you most likely have a different item in mind though.

Select “Victoria 3 SEA.CR2” and click OK to continue.

Note: You can use (in windows xp) the dropbox at the lower part of the window, to select a file type, and filter out other files, for simplicity in finding things.

Step 6 - Options


Next comes the option menu, depending on the item you choose, some of the options may not appear.

1. Import morph targets, know those morph dials in poser? this chooses to load them or not, and most likely, the answer is yes, so check this box.

2. Import IK chains, for a figure, this will load its bones, and allow you to pose it. DAZ figures come ready to use, so you don't need to create your own, unless you don't check this box :)

3. Genitalia, if you selected a figure that was created with Genitals, then check this box if you want to be able to use them.

4. Crease angle, chooses how “sharp” a mesh's edge must be, for Carrara to think of it as an edge, any angle in the mesh below this, will look smooth. Since this is an “organic” object, this should be set to max. For a building, or desk, that is supposed to have sharp edges, it should be lower.

Click OK to load the item.

have fun :)