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Carrara: Working with real-world dimensions

Author: myvirtuallady

Tools Needed

  • DAZ|Studio
  • Carrara 5

Step 1 - Setup the working box in Carrara

Open Carrara Pro 5.


Create a new project to transform and scale your figure.


Select a new empty document for the moment.


The Working box appears. Choose View menu > Grid, or press Ctrl+J to open the Grid Window. These default values must be changed in order to represent real-world dimensions for your DAZ character.


Change these values as following to resize the Working box, then press Ok.You can now import your DAZ character


Step 2 - Import the DAZ character and cloth

Choose File menu > Import, to import your DAZ character. This is a .cr2 file in your runtime / librairies folder (for example : C:\Program Files\DAZ\Studio\content\Runtime\libraries\character\DAZ People).


Select Victoria 3 SAE.cr2 file and press Ok to import your DAZ character.


Before resizing the character, import with the same way V3 Wild & Messy.cr2 (for example : C:\Program Files\DAZ\Studio\content\Runtime\libraries\character\DAZ Hair) and V3 Bikini Full sr1.cr2 (C:\Program Files\DAZ\Studio\content\Runtime\libraries\character\V3 Morphing Clothes).


V3 Bikini Full sr1.cr2 and V3 Wild & Messy.cr2 must be conformed to figure 1 of Victoria 3 SAE.cr2. To do this :

  1. Select Figure 1 of V3 Bikini Full sr1.cr2 in the lower part of the Porperties tray : Instances panel.
  2. Select Conform to in the middle part of the Properties tray : Figure 2 : General panel.
  3. Select Figure 1 into the drop down menu of the Conform to window.

Then press Ok.


Do the same way for V3 Wild & Messy.cr2 in order to conform to Victoria 3 SAE character.

Step 3 - Scale and pose the figure

Select DAZ character Victoria 3 SAE.cr2 into the lower part of the Properties tray. Open the Motion panel : Transformation folder and enter the scaling axis z for the height of Victoria 3 in real-world dimensions (for example, choose 1700mm).


Once DAZ character resized, adjust the figure inside the Working box.

  1. Uncheck the Lock Hot Point in the Properties tray : Motion panel : Transformation folder.
  2. Place the Hot Point at the lower part of Victoria 3 SAE (this is more easy for further manipulation of the figure).


Place and adjust correctly the DAZ figure inside the Working box.

  1. Check the Lock Hot Point in the Properties tray : Motion panel : Transformation folder.
  2. Move up the Hot Point to the value 0 of the axis z.


Select Victoria 3 SAE.cr2 : Figure 1 in the lower part of the Properties tray, and import pose (for example : C:\Program Files\DAZ\Studio\content\Runtime\libraries\pose\!DAZ's Victoria 3\V3 Legs Crossed.pz2).

Fix the V3 Bikini to fit correctly Victoria 3 SAE as following :

  1. Select V3 Bikini Full sr1.cr2 : Figure 1 in the lower part of the Properties tray.
  2. Open the Morphing panel in the middle part of the Property tray and adjust pvoluptuous dial to 0,1 for rCollar, and pvoluptuous dial to 0,1 for lCollar.


Now the DAZ figure Victoria 3 SAE has real-world dimensions easy to use, and is ready to work with architectural scene.

Step 4 - Export and save the figure

Group the figure and save the scene as Carrara file : Choose File menu > Export, to export your DAZ character (with the name you like).


Step 5 - Import the figure in architectural scene

Load now your architectural scene with real-world units and import the DAZ character Victoria 3 SAE which you export with cloth and pose as described above. For example I used the Scene Wizard of Carrara Pro 5 to load an interior scene in this tutorial, resize it in real-world units in order to simulate an Architectural scene (in milimeter units).


Move your DAZ character inside the interior scene. You can see that the figure fit well in the Working box and it is not necessary to convert any sizes. Only place the models.

Here is a render of Victoria 3 SAE in Architectural scene. So you are able now to create your own libraries of DAZ figures in Carrara 5, ready to use for Architectural & Design projects.


Et Voila !

franckgenot - My Virtual Lady