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Sliding Door Effect

Author: Mallex

Tools Needed

  • Photoshop
  • Image-Ready

Step 1 - Begin!

Now, we will begin with your image, I am going to use an affiliate that is 88×33 size, and I am using a pre-made affiliate, I didn't have to much time to make one.

Step 2 - Get the marquee tool


Now, get out the rectangular marquee tool, and fill out the options in this image, or if you are using a different size image, half the size of the image.

Step 3 - Create a new layer

Create a new layer, fill it with white, and set the blending options as followed:

-Just click drop shadow

-Just click Inner Shadow

-Just click Gradient Overlay

-Click Bevel and emboss and change the size to 2

Step 4 - Repeat step 3

Now, repeat step 3, only using the opposite side of the image on a new layer.

Step 5 - Shortcuts

Now it is time to go into Image Ready, although this part might seem hard, the animation is not, just to tell you now. If you are unfamiliar with the shortcut to Image Ready, look at the image.

Step 6 - First thing, then the most difficult part!

First thing you do in image ready is go down to windows and make sure the animation part is checked (its towards the bottom) if it's not, obviously click on it, and you will get this up, if you haven't already..

Now for the most difficult part - if you are a novice or impatient - this require patience in order for it to look good. Look at the bottom of the animation box, and find the button called duplicate current frame. From there on, you must move each layer with the wall… things out of the image out until you can't see it. Now next to the duplicate current frame button, there is a button called tween animation frames, click on it.

Step 7 - OMG, it looks horrible!

Choose a number to frames to add (I used 10), and the door animation works, but OMG, it looks horrible! We are not done yet….

Choose a number to frames to add (I used 10), and the door animation works, but OMG, it looks awful! We are not done yet…. From there, duplicate the last layer you got on the animation some odd amount of times (I am going to use 7) and the original image will appear longer.

Step 8 - Final Step!

For our final step, we are going to do something similar to step 7, only pushing in the wall things back into the image, AFTER you duplicated the frame, then AFTER you highlighted the last two frames, then set the tween to ad frames the same amount as you did before (if you can't remember mine, its 10). Now just duplicate the last layer with X amount of times, and your done! This is what I got..

Happy Posering!