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Bug Tracker

Experiencing a problem with a DAZ software product? The DAZ 3D bug tracker (or issue tracker) is where you can report your problem to DAZ and interact directly with Software QA staff to help you in resolving your issue. We value our user community and we recognize the reality that software will have defects. The issue tracker is where you can help us identify the problems that affect you most so that we can deliver the most important fixes to you in subsequent updates.

Tracker Accounts

The issue tracker requires a distinct login from your DAZ store and forum login. You can create an account on the issue tracker from the bug tracker's main page. The issue tracker associates your account with an email address. It is important that this be a functioning email address that you will read. The issue tracker will send notifications of changes to your issues to that address. If the DAZ Software QA staff need additional information about your issue in order to reproduce or resolve it, you will receive notifications by email.

Tracker Workflow

The following diagram illustrates the general process DAZ Software QA follows for issues in the bug tracker. Not every single possible transition of states is shown on this diagram in order to keep the main workflow clear.

Generally, issues transition through the states new, confirmed, assigned, resolved and closed. When a bug is resolved, information will be given about the release that will contain the fix for the problem.

Issue Privacy

By default, issues are open to the public. Other users on the tracker can read your issues but they cannot edit them. You can always edit your own issues. If you wish your issues to be kept hidden from other users, you can select that the issue be made private when you file the bug report. DAZ Software QA staff can see all issues, both public and private.

You may also add a private note to one of your open issues, whether the issue is public or private.

Monitoring Issues

Another user may have reported an issue that is of interest to you. You can monitor another user's issue so that you receive an email notification when the issue is changed in the tracker. If an issue you reported was a duplicate of another issue in our tracker, your issue may be closed and marked as a duplicate. To know when the underlying problem is corrected, you can monitor the original issue. Issues closed as duplicates show the original issue number when they are closed.

Beta Teams

From time to time, DAZ 3D may organize one or more beta teams for its products that are under development. Select users are invited to join the beta teams under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). In return, beta team members are granted access to advance product information and early builds of the products. DAZ 3D works to improve our products by partnering directly with our user community throughout a development cycle.