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Shader Mixer

Please note that the Shader Mixer is still in beta and as a result, the documentation will cover basic usage only including the root bricks. More information on the function bricks and advanced settings will come as the tool is finalized.

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Choose View > Tabs > Shader Mixer to open the Shader Mixer tab. This tab allows you to create your own shaders.

The Shader Mixer tab is divided into two sections, with the Brickyard on the left and the Shader workspace on the right. The Brickyard is where the different shader bricks are stored along with a preview window and access to a Properties tab that displays what you will see in the Surfaces tab for the shader. The Shader Workspace is where you build your custom shaders.


icon-note.jpg NOTE! Bricks do not depend on the Shader Mixer to run or function. If you apply a materials preset or shader and it calls a brick that is either non-existent or non-functional, in the Shader Mixer you will either:

  • See nothing in the Shader Workspace or
  • Have a valid shader that is simply missing one or more bricks.

You can also look in the DAZ Studio log file to see what bricks were not included in the building of the shader.

Refer to the following topics for specifics on using the Shader Mixer: