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Shader Baker

The Shader Baker sub-tab is displayed at the far right of the Surfaces tab. If the tab is not visible, it is either not included in your version of DAZ Studio or it has not been installed as a separate plug-in.

Shader Baker makes it possible to bake many of the properties of a shader down to a texture map. While the results will not always look exactly like the original shader, this feature will allow you to roughly see what the content will look like in its final render. If the baked textures are good enough, they can also be exported for use in other applications, such as for games, with no visible loss in quality.

In addition, there is the added benefit of being able to bake render effects, such as Ambient Occlusion which takes a long time to compute, into an image and then apply the effect as a texture map. This makes it to have high quality lighting and other effects without suffering long render times.

The baked shader maps are used in the OpenGL display but use the actual shader during 3Delight rendering.

Shader Baker settings are set application-wide and are not saved as part of material presets, scenes, etc.

Refer to the following sections to see how to configure and use baked textures: