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Drawing Options

Drawing Options determine how bones are represented while you drag them. You can choose higher settings to improve the display of objects while you move them, or lower settings to conserve on system resources.


  • Accurate/Fast Slider: This slider controls the accuracy of the calculations when you move bones into place, and the amount of precision you have when you move a bone. Move the slider left toward Accurate to create slow, precise movement, which is heavier on system resources. Move the slider right toward Fast to move bones more easily, but in larger and less precise steps.
  • Use Manipulation Draw Style: Check this option to toggle the Manipulation Draw Style, which determines the way objects are drawn when you move a part. When the option is on (default), ActivePose switches to Smooth Shaded Box to speed display of the while you move it. Uncheck this option to display your figure in the drawstyle that you have selected for the viewport.