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Dragging Options

Dragging Options determine how and where a body part is dragged.


  • Drag Position: This sub-menu lets you select which part of a bone will move when you select and drag it around in the viewport, and determine its behavior. This submenu comes with three options:
  • Drag at Center: This option moves the bone around its center and uses that point to calculate position, no matter where you click and drag the bone.
  • Drag at Origin: This option moves the bone by the point that is closest to its parent. Bones with no parents (such as a Hip) will be calculated and moved by their centers instead.
  • Drag at End: This option moves the bone by the point of that bone furthest away from its parent. Bones with multiple ends (such Transform Gizmo as a Chest or Hip) will be calculated and moved by their centers instead.
  • Transform Gizmo: This menu allows you to select and place a Transform Gizmo into a scene, which allows for a higher precision in using ActivePose. When you use Transform Gizmos you don’t have to rely as much on moving cameras to check all three dimensions of movement.

    The Transform Gizmo options are as follows:
  • None: No Transform Gizmos are used in the scene.
  • Translate: This option provides a high degree of precision. It behaves just like the regular translate tool. Drag a translate arrow along an axis to move the bone in one direction. Choose one of the small outlined planes emanating from the central cube to drag along any two axes. Select the central cube to translate the bone along all three axes at the same time.