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Selected Bone Properties

Use the Selected Bone Properties settings to control how bones react when you move them. The movement can be very stiff or very fluid, depending on how you configure these settings.


  • Stiffness: This property can be set for each bone. The slider determines how ”r;stiff“ you want the joint movement to be in DAZ Studio at that particular bone. Set the slider all the way to the left (1.00%) to produce movement that is fluid at all joints of the selected bone. Move the slider toward the right (100% maximum setting) to create maximum stiffness that moves the bone as little as possible.
  • Reset Bone Stiffness: Resets the stiffness settings of the selected bone(s) back to their default values.
  • Reset Figure Stiffness: Resets the stiffness settings of all bones in the entire figure back to their default values.
  • Load Stiffness File: Allows you to load a ActivePose data file (.dsx extension) that contains predetermined settings for various figures and body parts. Files are located in the DAZ Studio > plug-ins > ActivePose folder on your hard drive.