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Multiple UVs

The Multiple UVs tool provides the ability to load multiple UVs on to a model. This will allow the use of different UVs for mapping textures to surfaces, i.e., spherical, planar, etc. It also provides the ability to view the UVs by node or by material.

Currently, the Multiple UVs tool works with figures that have multiple UVs available but also have the same material groups. This means that a remapped P4 Nude Woman figure that uses the Victoria 3 maps won't work correctly when applied to the original P4 Nude Woman figure, or vice versa. In order for the figure to work correctly, the original figure would need to have the material groups remapped to match the groups in the Victoria 3 figure. The UV map on the original figure wouldn't change, just the material groupings … and of course, any MAT Pose files for the original textures would have to be updated to use the new material zones.

Click on the following links to learn how to add and use Multiple UVs: