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Adding Multiple UVs

To add multiple UVs to a figure:

  1. Load original figure.
  2. In the Surfaces tab, select the root figure material node.

  3. From the Options menu, choose Load UV set.


    An Import Geometry dialog will come up.
  4. Browse to where the OBJ file for the new UV set is located, select, and open it.


    (The V3 to V2 OBJ is being used in this example, even though it does not have the correct material zones.)
  5. In the OBJ Import Options dialog, select the Poser preset and click on Accept.
  6. In the Load UV Set dialog, enter a name for the new UV set. Make sure to give it a name that will reflect what type of maps can be used with the set. Click on OK.

  7. In the Surfaces > Advanced tab, locate the UV Maps section and click on the drop-down menu for UV Set. The new UV set will be available. If it is not available on the root surface node, select another surface node. When the UV set that was loaded does not match all the material zones, the root node will only show the original UV set. For example, the V3 to V2 remapped figure does not have the same material zones as V3 does, so several of the surface nodes will only have the default UV available as shown below on the right.

    muloadedsets.jpg muloadedsets2.jpg
  8. Select the new UV set from the list.
  9. Apply a MAT Pose file to the figure that uses the new UV set.