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What is Mimic?

Mimic is an advanced tool that creates and edits facial animations for 3D figures by making them accurately mimic the correct lip movements for a prerecorded speech segment, allowing figures to “talk” and “sing” during animations. You can either import existing .wav or .aif audio files in any language and let Mimic do the work for you, or record your own speech using Mimic's simple recording studio and a microphone. Complete the effect by adding expressions and gestures such as smiles, winks, and nods to transform your figure into a fully expressive speaker.

Mimic's TalkbackTM engine creates the expressions for you, saving time and boosting productivity. With Mimic, your characters will come alive with life-like speech and mannerisms.

Like all DAZ tools, Mimic allows you to achieve incredible realism quickly without the need for advanced knowledge or training.

Mimic gives hobbyists and occasional users the tools they need to create great lip-synched animations while giving professionals the extra controls and high-end functionality that take results to the next level.

Mimic is a stand-alone application designed to create lip-synched animations. It creates an output file which you can then render in a third-party application such as DAZ Studio or SmithMicro Graphics' Poser. You can even generate animations directly from within Mimic itself.

What Can Mimic do for Me?

Creating realistic speech animations is one of an animator's most difficult and time consuming tasks. For example, your figure's lips should be pursed when making an “oo” sound. And even after achieving realistic mouth movements, you often need to add accompanying gestures such as eye blinks, raised eyebrows, and head nods to give your animation a convincing feel. Adding idiosyncrasies to speech can be extremely difficult and time consuming. Mimic automates these processes, bringing Pro-level animations within reach of anyone.

Want even more control? Mimic allows you to adjust the timing, duration, and magnitude of every event in your animation down to the millisecond. You can also control how events transition in and out using several interpolation settings. You can even split individual phonemes into separate modifiable parts for added control.

Mimic gives you a complete lip-sync production laboratory that allows you to develop custom libraries of reusable elements including phonemes, complex expressions, and finely tuned gestures for future use. Access a figure's individual settings for a phoneme, expression, or gesture, then fine tune each element for use with your specific character. As you work with Mimic and begin creating custom configuration files for your character(s), you will create shortcuts that you can reuse over and over again. This will result in a faster workflow, giving you shorter production times and better animations.

Adjust subtle mannerisms, create compound gestures, and synchronize complex facial changes in a single timeline. Mimic even lets you view pre-recorded video alongside your real-time character animation on a frame-by-frame basis. This lets you capture and recreate the full range of complex motions displayed by a live model within a single application window, saving you time and frustration.

Control customizable lights that you can position, color, and dim to create just the effect you're looking for. Do this either for preview purposes or even create your animation directly from within Mimic itself without the need for third-party software. Add background images, hair, and other props to your scene for extra realism.

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Updated - July 14, 2008
Uploaded - July 14, 2008

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