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Creating LOD Meshes

While LOD mesh levels can be made after the fact, doing so is much more difficult than if the mesh is created with LOD in mind. In order for LOD to work, two things must be true:

  1. The UV Mapping must match for each level.
  2. All vertices on the lower mesh levels must match a vertex on the highest resolution mesh so that morphs will work on all mesh levels.

    The image below shows an example with the low-res mesh having four vertices that match up with four vertices on the hi-res mesh. Even though the hi-res mesh has four polygons and the low-res mesh only has one, the four vertices on the low-res mesh match up with the four outer vertices on the hi-res mesh.


    Some modeling programs have tools available to match up vertices. These tools can be used to ensure that the low-res vertices match up to the correct vertices on the hi-res mesh.

Steps to creating LOD level meshes from the ground up:

  1. Begin modeling the object until a basic low-res mesh is completed.
  2. Divide mesh into groups and material zones and map the model using a UV Mapping program.
  3. Save the model as an OBJ mesh, save the scene file, and place it in a safe location.
  4. Continue adding to the model making sure that no vertices are removed that the first version matches up to.
  5. Once basic details have been added to the model, save the model as an OBJ mesh, save the scene file, and place it in a safe location.
  6. Continue adding details/polygons to the model, saving out interim builds to be used as LOD levels.
  7. When the model is complete, rig it for use in Poser/Studio.
  8. In Studio, apply the LOD levels to the final model and save as a DAZ scene file.

Note graphic NOTE! While it is possible to start with a high-res mesh and decrease the polygons to create the lower-res meshes, extreme care must be taken to ensure that vertices continue to match up as the lower-res versions are created.