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Adding LOD Levels

To add LOD level meshes to a figure:

  1. Make sure that the different meshes needed are in the correct Geometry folder for the figure.
  2. Access the Level of Detail tool by selecting the root figure then choosing Edit > Add Level of Detail from the menu.
  3. The Import Geometry dialog comes up. Locate, select, and open the first LOD file to load. It does not matter what order they are loaded in as the listing will show up in Studio sorted alpha-numerically.


    The OBJ Import Options dialog comes up with the default settings selected.

  4. Select the Poser preset from the preset listing and click on Accept.

  5. The Add LOD Mesh Level dialog comes up asking you to enter a name for the new mesh level. Enter the name and click on OK. Do not start the name with a non-alpha-numeric character (such as a period, exclamation point, etc.).

  6. In the Parameters tab, scroll down and locate the new Mesh Resolution group. The default LOD Settings should show the new LOD mesh just loaded.

  7. If the new LOD mesh is not visible in the list, deselect the figure in the viewport, then reselect the root figure in the Scene tab. Check the LOD Settings menu again and this time the new level should be visible. It will also be selected.

  8. Continue adding any additional mesh levels as needed. If you wish, wait until all are loaded before deselecting and reselecting the figure to update the menu listing.

  9. Select each level and verify that they switch correctly. The image below shows a comparison between the base mesh of Victoria 4.1 down to the 0.5K level mesh.

  10. Save the figure as a DAZ scene file in applicable folder for the figure in the Content > People folder.

Caution graphic CAUTION! Loading additional meshes for LOD will increase the loading, working, and saving time required since all meshes must be accounted for.

Caution graphic CAUTION! Using too high-res a base mesh and loading a fairly high-res LOD level to it; or starting with a low-res base mesh and loading a very high-res LOD level to it will cause Studio to become unstable to the point of crashing.

Note graphic NOTE! The LOD levels can be exported in any format currently available in Studio, however, only the currently selected mesh level will be exported. This means that the figure cannot be exported as a CR2 file with the LOD levels intact.