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How to Install Victoria 4.2 Base into DAZ Studio 4 -- PC

Victoria 4.2 base is a key requirement for many products in our store. It's necessary to have Victoria 4.2 installed properly before you can install ExP add-ons like Morphs++, Elite Body Shapes, Creature Creator Morphs, V4 Aged, Aiko 4 base, Girl 4 Base, and others.

This article shows and explains how to install Victoria 4.2 base on the PC step-by-step. It is designed for a new user with a default installation of DAZ Studio 4 in Windows 7 or Windows Vista.

Download and Save Installers

First, you need to download the installers for Victoria 4.2 base. When we say 'download,' we do not mean install. 'Download' means to transfer a copy of software over the internet onto your computer. To install means to run the installer so that it can place the files for use onto your computer. Therefore, 'download' and 'install' are two different activities from each other. They are different steps of installing getting and preparing software for use.

If you have placed through an order for Victoria 4.2 base or have just reset the order, you will find these files for download in 'Available Downloads' in your account:

At the time of the creation of this article, these are the current installers for Victoria 4.2 base on the PC:


All three of the above files are needed for full use of Victoria 4.2 base in DAZ Studio 4. Download and save all of them on your computer so that you can install them. You can save them on your desktop or in a folder designated by you for DAZ Content installers.

Let's run the first installer above, ps_pe069_Victoria4.exe. Double-click the file to launch it. If you see a message from Windows, click 'Run.'