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Serial Numbers

Software applications and plugins for applications will usually require a serial number to be activated. When you purchase software created by DAZ 3D, the serial number is placed upon your account and also e-mailed to you. Software created by 3rd-party creators may require you to visit the creator's website. Check with the product page, documentation, or ask DAZ 3D customer service.

Available Serial Codes

To look up serial numbers, check your DAZ 3D account in 'Available Serial Codes.' For example, this is how the serial number for Bryce 6.3 would show up.

The above S/N is just a sample and won't actually work in Bryce 6.x, but it will work great in this tutorial to show how to use serial numbers.

Serial Input Tips

You have to activate the software before you will be able to use it. Here are some tips for inputting serial numbers that apply generally to all software:

Input Exactly as Shown
* Make sure the value you have input is exactly as shown. This means if you see capitalized letters, you need to input capitalized letters. If you see hyphens (-), then you need to include the hyphens as shown. Don't confuse zeros with capital O's. Zeros are usually narrower (0) than capital O's (O).

Admin Rights
* Make sure you are logged into the user account that has full admin rights. Regular users (or limited users) don't have permissions to activate software. This is true for both the Mac and the PC. On the PC, you can right-click on the application to get the context menu and then left-click on 'Run as … Administrator.' If you are asked for the admin password, but don't know what it is, then it's possible you are not actually logged into an account with admin rights.

Copy and Paste with Care
* Copy and Paste. A fast and easy way to input the serial number is to copy and paste. One word of caution: make sure you don't have additional information after the end of the sequence. If you do have this, such as a return, it will be *invisible* and make the serial number invalid. You may think that you have the correct value, but you won't and the serial number will be rejected.

** Copy the serial number exactly as shown on the serial number page (Available Serial Codes). Here's our sample serial number again.

Here's the input field for the serial number for Bryce 6.

As in most cases, the user name can be whatever you like. The serial number needs to be exactly as shown.

Here's how to check for extra (invisible & bad) information. Highlight the whole field with the serial number. See below how there's extra space? That could be a space or an 'invisible' return. That information makes the serial number invalid.

Here again is the same serial number field with just the bad part shaded. That all needs to be deleted. Then the serial number will be valid.

Now press the button to submit the serial number and activate the software.

DAZ Studio 3, 64-bit

DAZ Studio 3, 64-bit is not free and only works with an advanced serial number. The free serial number cannot be used to activate DAZ Studio 3, 64-bit.