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Product Codes

DAZ 3D products are provided as installers. A single product may have one or more installers. Some products are bundles that consist of two or more individual products.

The current naming system for installer files has changed. Thus, you may have an old product that uses the old system and new product that uses the new system. This article explains the current system and includes a reference for the old system

Current Product Codes

The current product code system normally consists of three components: The IDX (product number), the file type, and the file number.

Product Code (IDX)

Each product corresponds to an individual product code. Each product page is assigned a unique, individual number. To see this number for any given product page, pull up the product page. Look at the URL (Address Bar) of the product page in your browser. Towards the end of the URL, you will see a number. This is the IDX.

Reference Chart for Current Product Codes

_br_ Bryce Content [Only for use in Bryce]
_ca_ Carrara Content [Only for use in Carrara]
_dpc_ DAZ Poser Content [These are not necessarily exclusive for use in Poser]
_ds_ DAZ Studio [DAZ Studio use only. Not for use in another application]
_exp_ ExP Morph Installer
_tx_ Texture Template

Legacy Product Codes

Reference Chart for Legacy Product Codes

ap Application Product Installer
bn Bundled Product
br Bryce
br_ob Bryce Object File
br_sc Bryce Scene File
br_sk Bryce Sky Preset
br_tr Bryce Terrain File
ca Carrara
ca_sh Carrara Shader File
ca_sk Carrara Sky Preset
ds DAZ Studio
hx Hexagon
ps Poser format, exclusively for poser, or pose files (.pz2)
ps_ac Poser Add-on Product
ps_an Poser Animation File
ps_an Poser-Related Application Installer
ps_bn Poser Bundle
ps_ch Poser Character
ps_mo Poser Poser or Animation Preset
ps_mr Poser Morph Product
ps_pe Poser People File
ps_tx Poser Texture Add-on
tx texture [Texture Add-on]