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This page provides basic help for new users to the Mantis Bug Tracker page.

DAZ 3D makes and supports several software applications and content products. In order to receive feedback, bug reports, and feature requests, we have a Bug Tracker page on our site.

In order to use this site, you need to have an account set up first.

Please Note: Your existing DAZ 3D account does not work in the Mantis Bug Tracker. You have to create and use a Mantis Bug Tracker account.

Mantis Account Sign-up

This is the link to use to create a new account on the Bug Tracker page:

Below you can see what the new account creation screen looks like:

You need to submit a name, a password, and enter the correct “captcha” text.

Mantis Login Page

This is the link to use to log into Mantis.

Make sure to input your Username, E-mail Address, and the “captcha” code as shown. If you choose a username that has already been chosen by another user, your submission will be rejected. You'll need to choose a new username that is not currently in use.

Mantis Front Page

This screen shot shows what Mantis looks like when you are logged in. Please note that your specific username in the upper left will be different from the one shown in the screen shot.