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How to Read the Product Page

This guide is designed to help new users and current users who want a referesher on how to use the product page on the DAZ 3D website.

DAZ 3D carries many, many products, most of which are content products that can be used in DAZ Studio, Poser, Carrara, and other applications. Customers can find lots of helpful information on the product page to guide their purchase decisions. It's important to read the product page carefully first. Many basic questions about a particular product can be answered on the product page.

While DAZ 3D has a generous, 30-day money-back return policy, many issues can be resolved by reading the product page carefully. This helps you buy products that you'll want to keep.

We will look at a few product pages and see the features common to them.

Let's look at this product page for the Anubis add-on for the Genesis figure. You may want to view it in a different browser or tab and compare to the screen capture below. It will probably not look exactly the same for reasons we'll examine.

Here's the top part of the Anubisproduct page at the time this article was written:

Product ID

Just above the glorious Promo Image, you'll some gray text with the Product ID. The Product ID is a unique number assigned to every product page in our store. If you look at the URL in your web browser when you're viewing a product page directly, you'll see that the product ID is also part of the URL (web address).

Promo Images

The first thing you notice is the promo image. This big happy images gives you a (hopefully) flattering look of the product. You'll see there are usually several images that you can click on. While the promo images are a very good idea of what the product will give you, since they are made from the actual product itself, they do *not* guarantee everything you'll get if you purchase the product. For an actual list, you need to see the 'What's Included & Features' list further down.


In this example above, you can see a red badge in the upper left that shows that this product right now (or at the time this screen capture was made) is on sale. To the right of the product picture, you can see the sale price, how long the sale price is good, buttons for adding to your cart or wishlist, and then the regular and the Platinum Club Price.

The Regular price is the full, maximum price. If the product is on sale or is a Platinum Club product, you won't have to pay the full price. If you'd like to learn more about the Platinum Club, see here.


Below the pricing, you see Vendor. The Vendor tells you whether the product belongs to DAZ 3D or is merely being sold in behalf of the actual owner.

The Anubisproduct is owned by DAZ 3D so it is a DAZ Original. This is important because Platinum Club Members get a full 30% off on DAZ Originals. If the product is brokered, then the artist's name will be shown under Vendor. Platinum Club Members only get 30% on the DAZ Share of a brokered artist's product which usually turns out to be 15%.

The Vendor also determines whether you can use a voucher toward the product or not. Vouchers apply fully to DAZ Originals and only partially (usually up to 50%) of the price of a brokered product.

Below the Vendor, you may see the artist who originally made the product in Created By. In this case above, the original artist is not shown because this product was originally made by DAZ 3D and not a brokered artist.

Let's look at an example that shows some more things you'll find on the product page. See the screen capture below of the top part of the product page for Greek Ruin.

Created By

You can see Created By on the product page with Stonemason's name below it. Stonemason originally made this product and later sold it to DAZ 3D. It is now a DAZ Original.


Everyone loves add-ons and options. You'll see on the screen capture above View Greek Ruin Accessories. If you click this link, the webpage will change to a list of one or more add-ons for the Greek Ruin product. In order to use the accessory, you need to have both the accessory and the Greek Ruin product. Often, accessories are texture add-ons that require the “base” product for the geometry (.obj files, usually).

Some products also have a support page in the Wiki. Clicking the Product Documentation Wiki will display the page, if available. The Product Documentation Wiki page is often identical to the product readme.

Product Compatibility Chart

Looking further down the product page, we find the Product Compatibility Chart. This is very important to understand when you consider a product for purchase. Let's look at the Product Compatibility Chart on the Anubis Product Page.

I've placed a red box on the screen capture above to help you find the Product Compatibility Chart. You'll see a line of light-colored boxes with abbreviations in them. Each box corresponds to a specific base figure. The first box, Gn, is darkened here because the Anubis figure is an add-on for Genesis. The letters Gn stand for the Genesis figure. This means that you have to have the Genesis figure in order to use the Anubis product.

The Genesis figure is a bid different from previous DAZ 3D figures. The Genesis figure at this time only comes with DAZ Studio 4 and is currently not available to use in other applications. So, in order to use the Genesis figure, you need to install and use DAZ Studio 4.

This screen shot below is from the V4 Elite Body Shapes product page. This product is an add-on for the Victoria 4.2 base. You see that the V4 box is colored because this product is an add-on for V4. You have to have the Victoria 4.2 base installed in order to use the V4 Elite Body Shapes.

Full Description

Below the Product Compatibility Chart, you'll see the box labeled Full Description. Here the artists explains some of the highlights and key points of the product. While helpful, this box does not list all the components of the product. Look at the screen shot below to see an example of the Full Description box for the Anubis product.

What's Included & Features

This box gives a concise inventory of what's included with the product. If you don't see it in this box, it doesn't come with the product. So, if you see hair in the promo picture, but you don't see hair in this box, the product does not have hair.