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FBX Exporter

What is the FBX Exporter?

The FBX Exporter provides support for the industry standard FBX 3D format used by Autodesk, and supported by most other major 3D applications. Exporting in the FBX format provides you access to an industry-wide 3D format, and allows you to use your DAZ content in products such as Motion Builder, Maya, LightWave, 3D Studio Max, Cinema4D and others.

This plug-in exports FBX version 5 or 6 (exporting version 5 is an option in the export option dialog). The application used to import the file must be capable of reading FBX versions 5 or 6.


  • Exports in standard FBX format, or using a customized export for LightWave users.
  • Supports binary or plain text file formats
  • Limits the export to selected items only, or export the entire scene
  • Exports by object type. Supported types include cameras, lights, props, and figures.
  • Single and multi-layered texturing options
  • Exports all texture images to destination folder
  • Exports morphs
  • Includes skeleton and weightmaps
  • Can weld the geometry prior to exporting to make one solid mesh
  • Exports animation
  • Supports Embedding Textures for file sharing with remote users
  • Includes support for the older FBX 5.0 format for backward compatibility with older applications

Official DAZ Documentation

Updated - July 11, 2008
Uploaded - July 11, 2008

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