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Duplicate Formula Error

This article explains how to resolve the 'Dupliate Formula Error' message. If you get this message when you launch DAZ Studio 4, it means you should uninstall and reinstall certain products.

1. Uninstall problem products (given in list below) by using the uninstaller.
2. Download the updated installer.
3. Run the updated installer.

Product List

If you have installed any of the following products, you should run the uninstaller for them. In the case of the Expression Morphs, you may find two uninstallers. If you do, run both of them.

Uninstall these Content Products:

Genesis Evolution: Head Morphs
Genesis Evolution: Body Morphs
Genesis Evolution: Expressions
Stephanie 4 for Genesis
V4 and M4 Shapes for Genesis
Epic Wings

Locate the Uninstallers

C:\Users\[Your User Account]\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library\Uninstallers

MacHD\\Users\[Your User Account]\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library\Uninstallers

How to Get Most Recent Installer

To get the latest version of the above products, reset your order. To do this, log into your DAZ 3D account. Go to 'Itemized Order History.' Find the product in the list. Click 'Reset' to the right. Wait about five minutes. Then go to 'Available Downloads' in your account.

If purchased the Genesis Evolution Morphs Bundle no later than 3 August 2011 and you cannot find the Genesis Evolution Expression Morphs in your account, please contact our customer service.

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