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How to Activate Plugins in DAZ Studio

Most plugins in DAZ Studio 3 need to be activated after installation. You can find your serial code for your plugin by logging into your DAZ 3D account and going MY ACCOUNT —> AVAILABLE SERIAL CODES. Some plugins have two sets of serial numbers one for use in DAZ Studio 3 and the other for use in DAZ Studio 2. A perfect example of this is the Figure Set Up Tools bundle. This comes with several plugins that have individual serial codes for DAZ Studio 2, but all use the same serial code for DAZ Studio 3. When a plugin has multiple serial codes they will be separated by a pip for example. |serial code 1|serial code 2| and so on. Only the information between the pips are part of the serial code, the pips themselves are excluded.

1. After obtaining the correct serial code launch DAZ Studio. From the help menu go to about installed plugins.

2. Click on the register button for the plugin you want to register

3. Input the correct serial code and accept