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DrawStyle in DAZ Studio 4

DAZ Studio can give you a preview of content in the viewport. The viewport is the main window in the center of the UI (User Interface). The active camera is the view you see in the viewport of the scene.

DAZ Studio 4 relies on OpenGL (2.0 or higher) supported by the video card to give a real-time preview of the scene. A real-time preview of the scene is different from a render which takes place in render-time.

The way that the scene, including objects and textures, appear is all handled by OpenGL in real time. You can choose the way models and textures appear in two places in DAZ Studio 4.

DrawStyle Option in the Viewport

The main DrawStyle menu is available just inside of the viewport in the upper right. Click the icon shown below to see the menu in DAZ Studio 4.

By default, DAZ Studio 4 is set to 'Texture Shaded.' This setting gives you a realistic shape of the model and a reasonable preview of the texture on the model. It's possible to change the drawstyle to other settings and you'll see the model and textures change, usually to a simpler form.

DrawStyle in Tool Settings

You can also change the way that a model is previewed when manipulated. For example, when you change the morph on a figure, OpenGL handles showing how the figure looks in real time. You can change this so that it looks realistic or so it appears as blocks for the various parts of the figure. To change this setting (DrawStyle), go to the Tool Settings.

To open the Tool Settings Menu, go to WINDOW –> Tabs –> Tool Settings. Keep in mind that you may not have access to all the options on the Tool Settings Tab if your layout is not set to 'Hollywood Boulevard.'

In the Tool Settings Tab, look down and find the section labeled DrawStyle. Look at the drop-down labeled 'Manipulation.' It is shown in the screen capture below. You can change it to Off, Wireframe Box, or Smooth-Shaded Box. If you do not like the box or smooth-shaded look, change the setting to 'Off.'