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Check DAZ Content Management Service

In DAZ Studio 4, the Content Management Service enables the 'Smart Content' (MyStuff) Tab to work. The Smart Content Tab is a new feature in DAZ Studio 4 that helps you find content add-ons in an intuitive way just by selecting the item in the scene. If the DAZ Content Management Service is not running properly, then the Smart Content Tab will appear, but indexed content items will not appear in it.

Keep in mind that only indexed content (with meta-data) will appear in the Smart Content Tab. Content made prior to DAZ Studio 4, such as Victoria 4.2 base and most other content items, do not have meta-data and will not appear in the Smart Content Tab. For these pre-DAZ Studio 4 products, check in the 'Content Library,' based on the info given in the particular product's readme.

You can check to see whether the DAZ Content Management Service is running. If it is present, but not running, you can start it.


On the PC, open the Windows Task Manager by pressing 'CTRL+ALT+DEL.' You may need to click 'Windows Task Manager' after you press CTRL+ALT+DEL.

In the Windows Task Manager, find the third tab, 'Services' and choose it. Click on the title of the third column, 'Description,' in order to alphabetize the list. Look through the list for 'DAZ Content Management Service.' If it is not present at all, then you need to uninstall and reinstall DAZ Studio 4, making sure to choose to install the DAZ Content Management Service when asked.

If the DCMS (DAZ Content Management Service) is present, then check the status. If the status is 'stopped,' then right-click on it and choose to start the service. Before you do this, exit DAZ Studio 4 so that it is not running. Then start the DCMS and launch DAZ Studio 4.

If the DCMS is present and running, then check again in DAZ Studio 4 to make sure you are using the MyStuff Tab correctly.

How to launch the DCMS on the PC

This is the default location for the DCMS on the PC (Windows 7):
C:\Program Files\DAZ 3D\Content Management Service

The name of the executable is:


On the Mac, quit DAZ Studio 4 so it is not running. You can check the status of services on your Mac, by browsing to and launching this:


Change the drop-down on the top to 'All Processes.' Check to see whether the DAZ Content Management Service is listed.

You can launch the DCMS (DAZ Content Management Service), by browsing to his location and double-clicking 'Start DAZ Content Management Service:'

MacHD/Library/DAZ 3D/Content Management Service/Utilities/Start DAZ Content Management Service.

Now launch DAZ Studio 4 and check to see that the Smart Content Tab (MyStuff Tab) is working.