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Use of Content in DAZ Studio

This articles explains very basic principles about using content in DAZ Studio, some of which also apply to Poser.

Similar to Poser, DAZ Studio uses premade content. The User can select what content items to load or apply. Content Items appear as icons in the Content Tab. To see the content tab, go to VIEW –> Tabs –> Content.


DAZ Studio users often are confused by the terms 'Poser Format Content.' This refers to content that is provided in the format commonly used in Poser. Most of the content you use in DAZ Studio will be in Poser format. Poser format includes the following kinds of files: .cr2, .pz2, .hr2, .pp2, .hd2, .fc2. DAZ Studio is able to use these files as well as its own Native DAZ Studio content.

"This action requires an item in the scene to be selected"

There are two kinds of Poser-Format content in general. The first kind will load geometry into the scene. Anything in FIGURES, HAIR, or PROPS will load geometry into the scene. The other kind will modify something already in the scene. These are POSES, HANDS, and FACES. In order for these second kinds of icons to work, you must have one of the first kind already loaded and selected in the scene. For example, if you have a body texture for Michael 4, then you need to have Michael 4 (FIGURE) loaded in the scene. Then you could use the MAT Pose (POSES) to apply to Michael 4.