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What to Do When Content Manager Search Crashes DAZ Studio

Some users in Windows 7 and Vista find that DAZ Studio crashes when they do a search in the Content Tab in Category View. The solution requires you to delete the database. This fixes the crash problem and also means that you have to reset up your categories.

Content Manager Search Function in DAZ Studio

Windows 7 and Vista

You'll need to delete the content database file. Here's how to find it in Windows 7 and Vista.

Open a run window or go to the run window. Type in the following and press OK or 'ENTER' on the keyboard.


This opens the application data folder. In here, find and open the DAZ 3D folder and then open the Studio 3 folder.

DAZ 3D\Studio3

In the Studio 3 folder, look for the content database file. The name varies depending upon which build of DAZ Studio 3.x that you are using.

DS 3.0

DS 3.1

DS 3.5

Delete the file. Launch DAZ Studio and try the content view search again.


You should be able to find the same file above here:

Users\[Your User Account]\Library\ApplicationSupport\DAZ 3D\Studio3\